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12/28/1999News media exploited fears and perpetuated public anxiety.WILL THE NEWS MEDIA CREATE Y2K TERRORISM?

The news media have established a disturbing, reactionary record of scaring the American people. Indeed, it could be reasonably said that the media's self-serving irresponsibility has been responsible for the proliferation of multiple terrorisms across the United States.

12/14/1999Public Interest Polling is a Way That Works
Alan F. Kay
AMERICANS TALK ISSUES FOUNDATION demonstrates how Public Interest Polling is a way that works. But when repeatedly confronted with policies most wanted by people in issue after issue, national leaders, Congress and the mainstream news media -- just turn away:

12/07/1999Voter Revolt's Iniative Would Ban Telemarketeers California consumer group Voter Revolt plans to place a voter initiative on the November 2000 ballot that would require e-mail and telephone marketers to get permission before they could send solicitations through either medium.

11/17/1999MEDIA-DRIVEN CHAOS MEDIA-DRIVEN CHAOS could make the Y2K event much worse even before we get there.
The EgyptAir 990 plane crash has developed into yet another disturbing benchmark in a seemingly unbroken sequence of hyper-media obsessions and wild speculation over tragic events, leaving much of their audience gasping for a break.
11/2/1999HATE CRIMES Clinton, many elected representatives, government officials, the media, legal predators and social revisionist zealots are perpetrating hate crimes against large classes of the American people.
10/20/1999TREATY TRAVESTY As an anti-two-party system independent voter, it's difficult to admit the Republican-controlled Senate did the right thing in stopping Clinton's push for the nuclear test ban treaty.
Ventura sells out citizens on issue of direct democracy.
09/23/99 By Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe Columnist

In 24 states, not including Minnesota, Americans enjoy the ultimate power of self-government: They can vote to adopt or repeal laws at the ballot box. As a candidate for governor last year, Jesse Ventura assured Minnesotans that while they may have missed out on the first century of initiative and referendum - the first state to adopt them was South Dakota, in 1898 - they would be on board for the next one.

and establish a fair national sales tax.
August 27, 1999 Internet Times
News Article by Daniel Jeffs

Call, write or E-mail your congressional representatives and voice your support for H.R. 2525 (The Fair Tax Act of 1999) sponsored by Rep. John Linder (R-GA) and Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN), introduced 7-14-99

8/9/1999OFFICIALS, REMEMBER WHO YOU REPRESENT "The Direct Democracy message is getting through to the media"Letter to the Editor published in USA TODAY August 9, 1999

Let's get serious about government for a change. The fools in Congress and the White House should stop all the childish political posturing over what to do with tax surpluses and start doing their jobs. Obviously they've long forgotten that it's called representative democracy.

7/26/1999WHAT AMERICANS THINK Politicians, special interests and the media get the blame for disconnecting the people.Washington Post National Weekly Edition July 19-26, 1999
By David S. Broder, Washington Post Staff Writer

A great many Americans think the government in Washington has been taken away from them -- but they don't blame that familiar scapegoat, the bureaucrats, for the theft.

7/18/1999 Term Limits, Citizen Initiatives Make Politics DifferentLawmakers from 13 Western states were told in no uncertain terms Saturday (July 17, 1999) that the days of carefree legislative politics in state government are changed forever, ended by the twin demons of term limits and lawmaking by citizen initiatives..
6/11/1999Supreme Court denies a petition for a writ of prohibition against the two-party system. Founder appeals to the Chief Justice..
5/11/1999Congressional Cowards:The constitutional checks and balances of government power are dangerously out of control when it comes to war powers, whatever that means.
4/25/1999Massacre at Colorado high school: Why?
There is something wrong with society.
The Colorado high school tragedy cries-out for answers. Why did this worst of school shootings happen again in the least likely place?
4/5/1999Kosovo Yugoslavia Foreign Policy Blunder.This is a perfect example of why the American people should be involved in the foreign policy decision making process by means of direct democracy:
02/14/1999Clinton acquital impeaches America.The acquittal of Democrat President Bill Clinton by a unanimous Democratic Party block in the Senate preventing the required two-thirds majority to convict, is clear and convincing, unimpeachable evidence of our government's incapacity to follow the law
02/14/1999Media ignores Maryland citizen group's effort for a little direct democracyThe January 26th Direct Democracy Forum held in Annapolis to discuss direct democracy and the enactment of the Citizen's Participation Amendment in Maryland "...was a bust,"
01/26/1999Direct Democracy Forum to be Held in AnnapolisMaryland residents are invited to an open forum to discuss direct democracy and the enactment of the Citizen's Participation Amendment in Maryland on Tuesday, January 26 at 7:30 p.m. in the Montgomery Delegation Room (218) of the Thomas Hunter Lowe Building, 6 Governor Bladen Boulevard, in Annapolis.

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