The method of selecting Federal Officials has changed from the original intent of the Framers. The President was to be nominated or elected by independent Electors, what else, selected independently in each state. What problem would it be to pick 538 independent Electors to represent the people in selecting the President? We pick thousands upon thousands of independent people to represent us every year as jurors in courts of law. Think of the simplicity of having only 538 qualified independent people be involved in the nomination or electing of our President. How much money would a candidate need to butter-up 538 Independent Electors? There would be no need for anyone to sell their soul to be in the running. We have allowed the Presidential Electors to evolve into nonfunctional political stooges, and electing the President to become a half-billion dollar industry. Something leads me to believe something went wrong.

For the first 125 years there were no elections for Senators, each state's legislature selected its Senators. The Seventeenth Amendment ratified in 1913 gave the people the authority to vote for their Senators. The passage of this amendment could have served the politicos in three ways. Giving the People the right to vote for their Senators could have gave them a warm and fuzzy feeling. It took political power from the states and gave it to their two party consortium. This was the same year the Federal Reserve was created and the Income Tax Amendment, supposedly ratified, and could have been used to distract the People from these two other events. I wonder how much money a person had to worry about accumulating to be appointed Senator in the early days? I would assume it was little to none. Think of the millions of dollars that some candidates amass to finance their campaign today, and the political debt they incur doing so.

The Framers gave the People only one way to directly participating in selecting a Federal Official, electing their Representative to the House. The People have failed in this one task given them. We have allowed ourselves be sucked into the partisan quagmire we have been snookered, we have been had. We have been brainwashed into picking sides. Our Country has been divided by a two party consortium of power, a creation of those in power. This split pits citizen against citizen in a continual political civil war. No matter who comes out on top in an election the politicos win the people lose. We should call ourselves the Divided States not the United States. What we do by participating in this corrupt system is give it legitimacy. Who in their right mind can think the Framers gave any credence to the idea that the people would elect someone other then an independent individual to would represent all the people fairly. If the people would select their Representative on the basis of their fairness instead of a partyís agenda we would be selecting the fairest of the fair instead of the lesser of two evils, the two party system would then serve no purpose, they would go the way of the dinosaurs. Why elect biased, bigoted partisan politicians to represent us? Just as the Politico select the President their way, they select our Representatives their way and ditto for the Senate. They have made lackeys out of the People just like they have made lackeys out of the Presidential Electors.

They have politicized the Judicial Branch. Appointments are based on the political correctness of a nominees view. They seek out justices that are opinionated to the ways of the establishment. The People and the Constitution come out on the short end of any decision these appointees make. We expect lay jurors, in our courts, to make unanimous decisions in their deliberations, but we allow and except the 5 to 4 decisions made by our learned Justices. I feel these decisions to be cop-outs, and they draw lots to see who gets to vote for the establishment and who for the Constitution and the People. I feel instead of allowing 5 to 4 decisions to stand the People should be allowed to flip a coin, this would be fairer, the coin would not show any favoritism. This would be more equitable, giving the People and the Constitution and equal shot of coming out on top.

There are people who like the way things have become, voting for a partisan group who will support the interest of their group at the expense of another group. The extremist on both sides are after the same thing, every damn thing they can get out of the Government, with the poor guy in the middle getting squeezed to death. We criticize our elected officials for acting in a partisan manner to promote their agenda, not giving any thought to the fact that the People acting in a partisan manner elect them.

I canít understand why we tolerate the two party system. What advantage is it to us? The Framers did everything they could do to prevent the formation of political factions. They have destroyed the Framer whole concept for selecting all Federal Officials. What is a political party? A political party is a group seeking political power. Why do they seek power? They seek power to control the Government. What can they do if they get control of the government? Any damn thing they want. Arenít we about at that point? Iím of a mind that national political parties are conspiratorial groups that have no constitutional right to exist, and the People should make every effort they can, to be away from them.

The old saying goes, ďIf you donít learn from history your bound to repeat itĒ. Political Parties are all about power. Hitler, Stalin and Hussein, and many others, all came to power by getting control of a political party. I wonder when someone will get enough control over our party system to become our dictator. Like that can never happen.

These two parties have no standing in the Constitution. Parties hell, they are gangs; it would be more appropriate to call them the Bloods and Crpts. The Framers never intended that we be a divided by parties. If our division was between a White Party and a Black Party that should be just as acceptable as our division between the Democrat and Republican Party. How can it be so political correct for the Democrats and Republicans to be biased against each other, but, any biases between a party of Blacks and a party of Whites be considered so incorrect? A bias is a bias, isnít it?

No sense worrying about voting for President, Vice-president or Senators, the politicos have frittered away the Framers manner they where to be selected. Let them play these crazy games by themselves or at least till we get our own House in order. Besides, the Framers never gave the People the authority to vote for these other officials.

They write laws that give them the edge and stack the deck against us. One among many that bites me is the one creating the Federal Election Commission. While the parties separate and divide the people, the party leaders have in effect formed a consortium in the creation of the Commission. This commission was formed under the pretext of keeping the elections honest, fair and above board. This commission is comprised of six commissioners three Democrats and three Republicans. The equal representation on the commission was supposedly to keep it non-partisan. With each side having equal votes on all issue, one side does not have enough power to condemn or sanction any transgressions of the other, regardless of what dastardly deed they may have done. But, they have the power to come down hard on anyone trying to make it a threesome. If a situation arises that might be detrimental to their two party clique, then the consortium acts in unison, to ward off any situation that might do them harm.

Imagine a professional sporting event with six referees, three having a vested interested in seeing one team win, and the other three having an interest in seeing the other team win. I believe most, if not all, would see this scenario to be impractical and unworkable. But yet, we allow and tolerate a similar situation to exist with the people that referee our political system.