The most sorrowful part of our Country’s political situation is the little amount of effort it would take to cure it. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Register with no party affiliation: We register with a party affiliation so we can vote in a party’s preferential primary election. Why should a penny of public money be spent to pick a candidate for any group? Let them pick their own damn candidate or back a dozen candidates. This is an election where all the candidates can’t run and all the electorate can’t vote. Why, that’s the way the politicos want it, it gives them an edge.

Take a look at how the laws discriminate against anyone that tries to buck the two party system. Scenario: Six candidates seek an office, two Republicans, two democrats, and two with no party affiliation. The registered voters are equally divided, each group having one-third, and the sentiment of the electorate is evenly divided between all six candidates. If all the candidates ran in the same election they could all expect to get around 16-2/3% of the vote and all have an equal chance of winning. But, the laws do not allow this to happen. The two Democrats get to run against each other as do the two Republicans, the two independent candidates are excluded. Then, in the general election, the winning Democrat and Republican because of party loyalty will pick up the votes of those that voted for the losing party candidates in the primary, giving both them the potential for receiving 33-1/3% of the vote, while the two independents candidates are stuck with their same potential of receiving only 16-2/3% of the votes each, drastically reducing their odds of ever winning. Is this a system that gives us free and fair elections, worthy of being part of, or taking pride in? Are all candidates equal under the law? Get real!

There’s no need for us to divided by party, any party candidate if asked will likely answer yes, to the question, if elected will they represent all the people fairly, and the voter if asked will say they vote for the person not the party. If both groups are being honest, there is no need for partisan politics. So get registered with no party affiliation and get rid of this cancer that has infested Our Country, and get it on the road to recovery.

2. Make a resolution to vote only for non-partisan candidates: - I like our Founding Fathers have made a “Declaration of Independence”. I have declared myself free from the shackles of partisan politics. I will never again vote for a member of one.

For those wanting a Government as scripted by the Framers, a simple solution is just break all ties to any National political group. Then go back to as it was to be, and concentrate on the one and only way the Framers gave the People to select a Federal Official, electing their Representative to the House. If each Congressional District concentrated only, at the National level, on selecting their Representative, one that would vote on an issue based on what is right and not the whims of any party, then we‘d have a government that complied with the Framers wishes. We were never meant to be ruled by two political parties that have taken control of our Government. We were to be governed by the consensus of opinion of independent individual Representatives, not the agenda of party gang members.

There is no need for the People or any candidate to cater or prostitute them selves to any organized national political group. If people sought office as independent individuals and were voted into office by independent individuals, the playing field would be level. Everyone would run as an independent person or lose. Our Representative would be a servant of their constituents not a Party. Everyone that changes their registration to No Party Affiliation would be like putting a nail in the coffin of our corrupt system. So let’s get the hammers out, and get that coffin built and bury them suckers. When will we get enough guts and gumption to say ,“Enough already”!

Then there are those that argue that its silly to waste a vote by voting for anyone outside the two party system, because they have no chance of winning, which is the truth under our present political system. They feel it’s better to vote the lesser of two evils, then not vote at all. But, I feel what ever party comes out on top, its the consortium of power that wins, and the People that lose, and become more dominated by it. Thinking the system can not be changed lets the corruption continue.

Parties keep score by the number of their registered voters. And the People fail to see that by changing their Registration they can change the political structure and score. Just walking away and denouncing these two parties, starts a de facto third party. The more that walk away the stronger the party will become. If enough walk away the established system will fade and die. Then there would be only one party, a party of a free, united and independent people. The Framers dream of a Government of the People and by the People would become a reality.

Suppose the House of Representatives was evenly divided between the two major parties and all the Representatives voted the party line on an issue, and one of the 435 was an independent person, which occasionally happens, that one Representative’s vote would have more weigh then all the other 434 members of either party, his vote would count as 218, one independent man could control a piece of legislation. His vote would be is powerful as the Vice-president’s is in the Senate. A few independent Representatives committed to do what is right, instead of what is politically correct, could have a big effect on our Government.

For those that think a third party can spring to life and be a cure all, forget it. The truth is we have two parties to many already. And the two party consortium’s love of power, and their control over the system is so great, they will never allow a viable third party to breathe one breath of life, or will they voluntarily be a part of any action that would bring about their own demise. Don’t just walk away from these parties run away from them.

3. Just do steps one and two and get others to do the same, that’s all, that’s it. What anyone does as an individual is meaningless, we’re all in this mess together, and if we can’t come together, en masse, as one independent People we’re done.

We all must get busy and spread the good news, there’s a way out of this mess. Consider that the National percentage of registered voters not a part of either major party is between 15% and 20% of those registered. I feel it safe to assume that those not registered to one of these parties already have some misgivings about the two party system. And if each one of these registered voters could get one other voter to see the light and convert, it would put those registered with No Party Affiliation at parity with the Two Major Parties the playing field would be level. Independent Candidates would come out of the woodwork, they would be liberated from over two hundred years of oppression by partisan politics, and then Mister Smith could go to Washington.

The more that changed would cause more to change, it could start a geometric progression, become like a snow ball rolling down hill that gets to big for anyone to stop. What else can I say? The choice is yours the time is short. Quite whining, trot down to your Supervisor of Elections Office, make your “Declaration of Independence”, and get that ball rolling down hill, it will take all of about two of minutes. Let’s Roll!

Let’s play the game, with all of us on the same side, the side of a free and independent America, and play according to the book of “Hoyle”, the Constitution, and not tolerate anyone that play by their own rules made up as they go along. Let’s get our own House in order before we try to save the world.

Let’s end all this with a little Bible Thumping.

Luke 11:17 - But He, knowing their thoughts, said to them: Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house falls. -

This passage was not originally made, or inserted here to express any Divine Revelation, it was made then and now to state a fact to prove a point. Let’s all come together and unite Our Divided Kingdom. BACK TO DIRECT DEMOCRACY CENTER