Where is all the selfishness, greed and lack of morals coming from? It's simple. Aggressive social and economic elements of the Me Generation, which includes those who grew up to be the corporate and political extremists of today.

Spawned by radicals of the 1960's revolution, it has become painfully clear that the social and economic politics of the Left have assumed power over our society and that they are largely, if not solely, responsible for the degeneration of American culture.

Clearly, the thinking of the Left is tantamount to the overwhelming influence of a religion simply because it has been ingrained in people's minds through powerful mediums controlled by the Left: Education, news media, literature, entertainment, advertising and government.

Indeed, it could be said that the Left has 10 Commandments (for us -- not them) to live by: Thou shalt think environmentally and politically correctly thoughts and have no other God before the Left. Thou shalt be ignorant, self-absorbed and dependent on the Left. Thou shalt think that males, marriage and family are bad. Thou shalt believe there are no moral absolutes and that there is no truth. Thou shalt not think, write, say or do anything until thought of, or approved by, the Left. Thou shalt believe only the teachings of Left's disciples. Thou shalt not smoke or drink. Thou shalt not make too much money. Thou shalt not be overweight. Thou shalt not own guns or sports utility vehicles. (The last four Commandments are subject to change without notice)

What's disturbingly wrong about all this is that the extreme Left has used the Congress, government funded education, their media monopoly and the courts to substantially suppress First Amendment rights of anyone who does not agree with them. And it could even be said that it violates the prohibition of government establishing a (leftist) religion. Alas, the Left does not hesitate to exert tyranny against any opposition, and that flies in the face the Constitution, liberty and democracy. Indeed, if the extreme Right were in control, the same would be true.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder
The Direct Democracy Center