Woeful intolerance by the Left against Joe and Sarah
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
October 23, 2008

The campaign for president has made it woefully clear that there is a hypocritical double standard of tolerance being exercised by Democrats and the Democrat-biased media on the political Left.

Indeed, the Left -- the politically correct standard-bearers of tolerance -- are the least tolerant of Republicans, the political Right, or anyone who criticizes them. And they either respond with intolerant rancor and contempt, or simply ignore the criticism.

However, when the Left criticizes the Right -- or anyone who does not agree with the their ideology -- that is acceptable, politically correct and the truth. Even to the point of suppressing free speech, which is blatantly intolerant, and plainly evidenced in the so-called mainstream media and throughout colleges and universities.

Unconscionable examples are the unrelenting attacks against Joe Wurzelbacher the Plumber and Sarah Palin the Governor, while ignoring the questionable liaisons of the leading presidential candidate, Barack Obama. They do it all the time. McCain was the media darling when he opposed Bush. Now he's a pariah because opposes the Left's candidate. Colin Powell was a major Bush conspirator who got us into the Iraq war. Now, he's a good guy because he endorsed Obama.

Most disturbing is the fact that our uniquely free society is likely to continue the journey to self-destruction, by the tyranny of the few, who seduce the lemmings majority over the cliff and into a giant underclass.