Published in the Daily Press - June 9, 2002

The horrific attack on America happened less than 9 months ago, and as we honor those who lost their lives in war to keep us free on this Memorial Day, we ought to be reminded of just how fragile our free and open society is, particularly when political terrorism rears its ugly head -- American style.

Aside from the need to ensure the security of all our citizens during these perilous times, it simply wasn't necessary for media-driven Democrats to give their election year political posturing a boost by hyping what turned out to be a phony story about "what President Bush knew and when did he know it" before the attack on America. Nor is it that necessary for media-driven Republicans to react with increased terrorist warnings of every description. And it certainly isn't responsible journalism for the "need-to-feed" news media to saturate the public mind with thoughts and fears of terrorism, when we know that must live with the fact that it's going to happen again.

The war in Afghanistan is far from over. The national and international war against terrorism is going to be a long, arduous, costly and explosive undertaking to say the least. The conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir is on the verge of imploding South Asia. And the terrorist-driven war between Israelis and Palestinians threatens to consume the Middle East and to draw the United States into the middle of it - not to mention the high probability of an invasion of Iraq.

Indeed, it's time to put our social, political, economic and national defense ducks in a row and to work diligently toward putting an end to this highly complicated, deadly dilemma with a minimum of political in-fighting.

The last thing America needs is to become a perpetual anxiety society.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder
The Direct Democracy Center

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