Too much government, media and activism, and not enough democracy

Two corrupt mayors caused a second election in less than nine months and exacerbated costly and inept city government in San Diego. A partisan attorney general ignores the California Constitution and tampers with the marriage and re-districting voter initiatives. Democrats and Republicans rattle the Constitution in battles over which party influences the United States Supreme Court.

Political extremists ratchet-up the rhetoric and disruptive activities over the conflict in Iraq and the war on terror at the expense of our military's lives, morale and our national security.

The irresponsible news media starts and feeds the fires of social, political and economic anger, fear and confusion to advance a political agenda and change the balance of power in forthcoming national elections.

Reckless experimentation with our education system has turned our schools into factories of propaganda and ignorance, and warehouses of violence. Political correctness has made a mess of the workplace, families and relationships. And we are plagued by a superficial society of selfish interests, extremes and moral relativism.

So, where does that leave the people? In a crowded boat, lost in a sea of political sharks, with one oar in the water, and no rudder. Certainly, it's time to rescue ourselves with the collective judgement of our citizens, before it's too late.

We need less activist government control, more truth, and more democracy. After all, our government was never intended to be exclusive to the few.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder
July 27, 2005