Solve the energy crisis now, or else

Solve the energy crisis now, or else
Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
August 8, 2008

America has nearly a trillion barrels of recoverable oil -- more than three times that of Saudi Arabia. Yet, our Congress and the California legislature have held a chokehold on those resources for decades, regardless of our vulnerable dependence on unstable imported oil.

California has large off-shore oil and natural gas resources, with existing recovery infrastructures already in place, which would take months, not years, to bring in. Our oil resources have been cut-off for many years by California and congressional Democrats and extreme environmentalists who caused our previous energy crisis, and could care less about our economic health and welfare.

We must stop the environmental insanity, stupid spending and government waste. It's time to reap the benefits of our off-shore oil and natural gas resources, and to solve the current energy crisis until alternative energy resources are perfected and economically viable.

Meanwhile, we need to fast-track oil recovery and the building of more refineries. And we need revive the nuclear energy industry and build more nuclear energy plants, which have been held up by Nevada's Senator Harry Reid and his fellow obstructionist Senator, who have blocked the transfer of nuclear waste to Nevada's safe Yucca Mountain facility.

If California voters had not been played as fools for so long, we would not be facing the $17 billion budget deficit, or California's water and energy crisis. Indeed, America's voters have been played for fools as our economy continues to dwindle, dangerously. If we let it continue, shame on us. We will be broke and there won't be anyone left to blame but ourselves -- in these perilous times.