THE SOLUTION: Stimulate the economy and democracy

America is going from bad to worse. President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress are too big to fail. The liberal media is their base. Our government is socialism on steroids. One-party rule by Democrats is dangerous to our health, security and welfare. We are in the green grip of environmental economic chaos. And our children and grandchildren are being miseducated and mortgaged for life with another $trillion of debt. The self-corrupting two-party system is destroying our society, and we need a way to save ourselves. What can we do?

A real democratic/economic stimulus package would put people to work to establish secure voting networks connected to voters homes so we can be truthfully informed, conduct elections, communicate with each other and our elected representatives, and decide all matters of taxation and public policy. We simply won't survive unless we take all the money out of politics, and elect well-compensated highly qualified nonpartisan professional government managers to represent us, instead of partisan politicians who abdicate their responsibility and value personal power more than democracy.