February 2003

Socioeconomic Democracy is a theoretical model socioeconomic system wherein there exist both some form of Universal Guaranteed Personal Income and some form of Maximum Allowable Personal Wealth limit, with both the lower bound on personal material poverty and the upper bound on personal material wealth set and adjusted democratically by all participants of society.

The Table of Contents is as follows:


It is (or at least should be) clear that this planet desperately needs a new, improved and fundamentally democratized socioeconomic system. The book will be of interest to (among others) all those who are seriously concerned about the unnecessary harm (to individuals, societies, cultures and the planet at large) caused by the extreme systemic maldistribution of material wealth intra- and internationally and who are convinced that this serious problem should and can only be resolved democratically and peacefully by an informed, thoughtful citizenry. The chapter on ramifications discusses the simultaneous significant reduction of over 20 serious and acknowledged societal problems as a result of the realization of Socioeconomic Democracy. The book will be found appropriate for courses in economics, political science, sociology, political philosophy, utopian studies, futures studies, psychology and, perhaps most importantly, democratic politicosocioeconomic systems engineering. Book reviewers are sought. The book is extensively described on our website. Indeed, one can easily get a clear introduction to and understanding of Socioeconomic Democracy by simply studing the material on the site. The reason to buy the book is that it also contains an unexpected smattering of politicosocioeconomic humor.

The book is published by and available from Praeger/Greenwood, as well as from e-Amazon and e-Barnes & Noble, and certainly should be available in your friendly local bookstore and library. The Praeger/Greenwood coordinates are:

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Robley E. George, Director
Center for the Study of Democratic Societies