Cindy Sheehan, Bush and Iraq

Washington Times
August 13, 2005

Cindy Sheehan, Bush and Iraq

The left-elite news media are not interested in Cindy Sheehan as the grieving mother of a son killed in Iraq who has been wronged by the evil Bush administration ("Vacaville speaks," Inside Politics, Nation, Wednesday). Rather, they are doing their best to lose the war in Iraq here on the home front, just as they did during the Vietnam War, turning every victory into a defeat. Why else would the media emphasize the victimization of our dead soldiers?

What's even more unconscionable is that the media fails to recognize our fallen troops as heroes who liberated Iraq, fought terrorists and defended freedom and their country. Even though Cindy Sheehan has chosen to dishonor her son in favor of anti-Bush activities, 24-year-old Army Spc. Casey Sheehan is a hero for volunteering to be part of a quick response team to a riot in Baghdad. He was killed in a firefight outside Baghdad.

Only a few media accounts note that, according to his sister Carly, Spc. Sheehan was an Eagle Scout who wanted to serve God and his country his whole life. Spc. Sheehan was also active in the Catholic Church. "He would do anything for anybody. He'd give you the shirt off his back," Carly said.

It is simply sickening to read and hear about antiwar, anti-Bush, anti-American organizations, activists and the media using a willing Cindy Sheehan as a poster woman for such a shabby, partisan political cause. Winning back the White House and the Congress at any cost is simply unconscionable, if not treasonous. Particularly in these perilous times.

Daniel B. Jeffs, Founder,
The Direct Democracy Center
Apple Valley, Calif.