Radical Middle:

The Politics We Need Now
Author: Mark Satin http://www.theradicalcentrist.com
Publisher: Westview Press
March 2004

Winner, Outstanding Book Award 2004, from the American Political Science Association / Section on Transformational and Ecological Politics

Today, in growing numbers from kitchen tables to nonprofit organizations to corporate boards, Americans are turning away from the bickering and division of politics as usual and turning toward a new politics-what activist-turned-attorney Mark Satin christens here as "radical middle" politics.

Instead of the usual blame games, the radical middle appreciates the genuine and often very reasonable concerns of the left and right, that many of those disillusioned with political partisanship will find refreshing.

As the nation heads into the 2004 presidential election, the radical middle dares to propose bold and innovative solutions to problems that affect us all, from health care reform to corporate accountability to the fight against terrorism.

Radical Middle offers an innovative yet practical handbook that addresses many of the most vexing social problems of our time. A whole new movement is on the march-the radical middle movement-and this is its manifesto. It shows how to understand politics, how to quiet the din of overheated rhetoric, and how to make modern politics reflect the true expression of rational and creative people everywhere.

Library Journal review
Satin, publisher of the Radical Middle Newsletter, believes that Americans are "turning away from the politics of bickering and division" and seeking a politics of creative problem solving. He identifies four key values that members of the Radical Middle embrace: maximizing choices for all Americans, guaranteeing a fair start in life for everyone, maximizing every American's human potential, and being of genuine help to everyone in the developing world. He then shows how each of the values can help solve society's problems. Satin offers Radical Middle solutions for healthcare, law and court reform, education, employment, globalization, terrorism prevention, and more. The book is intended to inform and energize; hence, there are no case studies or research models to prove the effectiveness of his theories. Suggestions for further reading appear at the end of each chapter, and the book concludes with a three-chapter section offering suggestions to help readers implement Radical Middle values in society. This is recommended as a positive alternative for political science collections at both public and academic libraries. Jill Ortner, SUNY at Buffalo Libs. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.