Divided States of America:

Divided States of America:
The Slash and Burn Politics of the 2004
Presidential Election
Author: Larry J. Sabato
Publisher: Longman
June 2005

Larry Sabato's new book, Divided States of America, looks back at the 2004 presidential campaigns and election and offers a fresh analysis and trenchant commentary by a team of experts who were closest to the action. Divided States of America describes the most significant events and issues that dominated the most divisive and expensive election in memory.

Ch. 1 Nominations and conventions 1
Ch. 2 Campaign 2004 : the hidden story 25
Ch. 3 The rise and fall of Howard Dean 37
Ch. 4 The election that broke the rules 51
Ch. 5 A Bush mandate? : it's in the eye of the beholder 121
Ch. 6 Kerry in the red states : fighting an uphill battle from the start 131
Ch. 7 Swift boats and tax hikes : campaign advertising in the 2004 election 165
Ch. 8 A new media 179
Ch. 9 The impact of the new campaign finance law on the 2004 presidential election 189
Ch. 10 Going broadband, getting netwise : the cyber-education of John Kerry and other political actors 207
Ch. 11 Religion in the 2004 presidential election 221
Ch. 12 The 2004 congressional elections 243
Ch. 13 Conclusion 269
Ch. 14 Conclusion 279