Meet the Press

Letter to Meet the Press
November 13, 2005

The media's scary business

Since the election and re-election of President Bush, Tim Russert has betrayed his commendable journalistic signature of fairness and objectivity in favor of partisan interviews and reporting. His confrontational interview with King Abdullah of Jordon and his biased interview of Republican RNC chairman, Ken Mehlman on Meet the Press, November 13, 2005, are cases in point.

Indeed, there was no need to interview DNC chairman, Howard Dean because Mr. Russert conducted his own partisan debate with Mr. Mehlman. Featuring Howard Dean and his headline, "Bush mislead nation," on the MTP website is further proof of Russert's bias and the political bias of NBC News, which has trickled down to our local NBC television station.

I am gravely concerned -- and I'm sure many Americans are troubled -- by the blind political aggression of radical Democrats and biased media toward President Bush, his administration and congressional Republicans, particularly when our national security, our economy and our future are at stake.

Unfortunately for us, the circumstances surrounding the conflict in Iraq and the war on terror are the political weapons of mass deception being heaped upon voters for the sole purpose of demonizing President Bush in preparation for Democrats to take back control of the presidency and Congress.

That is simply unconscionable. And that is why we should have nonpartisan elections and government, and more democracy. The whole truth is the unwritten law of a free people's expectations from their institutions, including the press.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder