>From Alfred Rodriguez, September 3, 2000

Hello, my name is Alfred Rodriguez. I am 15 years old and seriously believe that direct democracy is the only correct government model for contemporary society. Representative democracy, while good, has its faults as you can never trust politicians, and many other faults. Communism as showed by the Soviet Union is just despotism, and anarchy is out of the question.

I realized the wonderful concept of direct democracy about 2 years ago when I was reading about Athens 2500 years ago and its wonderful government. I thought to myself, why don't modern nations have this kind of government? I thought I was alone on this idea of direct democracy until I got the Internet and I found that many people already have websites about direct democracy.

All we need now is to band together under an able leader and preach the concept of direct democracy to the general public and see the results.

Forgive me for this short and simplified letter, as I want to talk a lot more about this. But this is my cousin's computer and I have to go. Just expressing my opinion. Thanks for hearing me out.

Reply from the DDC

Thank you for your interest in direct democracy. It is encouraging to know that young people such as you recognize the need for real government by the people. I also read about the birth of democracy in Athens and the concept of direct democracy several years ago.

We are in the process of trying to get other movements for direct democracy together in an expanded effort. If you would like to be on our e-mail list for updates, please let me know. Our book, America's Crisis: Democracy and Education will be published in about a month. If you would like to have a copy, I would be happy to send it to you.

Keep up your interest and spread the word!