September 7, 2003

Those who scoff at California-style democracy and the recall election regarding Governor Davis except when it might apply to President Bush is a shallow perception leading to what's going on in Iraq, but with some merit. Regardless of the right or wrong of the war and occupation of Iraq and the federal deficit, the narrow-minded hit on something that should be seriously considered. There should be a law allowing the recall of the president -- and the members of Congress.

Applying the people's right to recall to representatives in their districts of about 700,000 people, statewide for senators, and nationally among the states for the president would be simple. Of course the percentages of the people who voted in the last national election should number more than the right or left wings of political parties could muster. Those percentages should be established by the voters in a national ballot initiative establishing the right to recall elected federal officials.

Nevertheless, it's disturbing when the political and media elite display such condescending arrogance toward democracy. Using the word when it suits them and demeaning it when is doesn't only re-enforces the need for more democracy, not less. Indeed, it is clearly important to the national security of America that the Iraqi people are able to establish their own style of democracy, which would undoubtedly spread throughout the Middle East and make our country a safer place to live. Being able to recall the potential of tyranny is vital to our survival these days.