October 3, 2003

Attack politics has seldom, if ever, served the best interests of the American people. Since the fear and smear merchants took over the political landscape during the past decade, seamy media-driven firestorms have become the disturbing norm rather than the exception. Indeed, this has become the era of radical ideologues, political dregs and gutter snipers.

Considering the series of events from the highly-charged Clinton years, to the 2000 presidential election debacle, to the war against terrorism, to the political correctness wars against those who violate unreasonably imposed censorship, to the most recent attacks against Arnold Schwarzenneger in the California Governor Davis recall election, and conservative icon, Rush Limbaugh, it is quite obvious that tensions between Republicans and Democrats have reached a breaking point -- with little or no consideration for what it's doing to the people and America.

Now that the 2004 presidential election season is thrust upon us, there's no telling what serious damage might be done to our country and our people. Maybe it's time to put an end to dirty, rancorous politics by making elections and government nonpartisan. Maybe it's time to elect nonpartisan professional government managers instead of creating and re-electing professional politicians. And, maybe it's time for us to participate in democracy by occupying a front row seat in deciding public policy and our future. Surely, the collective judgement of our fellow citizens would be a welcome change from the malignant two-party system.