PC, M.D.: How Political Correctness is Corrupting Medicine
Author: Sally Satel
Publisher: Perseus Publishing
December 2001

>From the Publisher:

Drawing on a wealth of information, PC, M.D. documents for the first time what happens when the tenets of political correctness -- including victimology, multiculturalism, rejection of fixed truths and individual autonomy -- are allowed to enter the fortress of medicine.

>From the Critics:
>From Wall Street Journal

An excellent study of medicine and society.... Thank goodness that Dr. Satel brings more scientific precision and moral rigor to the treatment of her subject than some doctors and public-health officials bring to the treatment of their patients.

>From Sherwin B. Nuland
A clarion call.... One after another, Satel takes on the central planks in the platform of PC medicine and replies to them with a devastating barrage of documentation, leavened by her own clinical and personal observations.

>From Rocky Mountain News
Brave and well-documented. this frank and passionate book will stir some angry responses from those involved with politically sensitive issues, but its message is simply aimed at putting medicine and its associated research back on track.

>From Baltimore Sun
An extraordinary courageous, punctiliously researched, powerful new book. Very impressive research and consultation with medical professionals and public administration authorities went into this book. Dr. Satel is thoughtful, indisputably humane-a seriously committed physician. The stakes in this latest PC battle are, as Dr. Satel writes, extremely high. She makes a compelling case that the time has come for mainstream medicine to fight back.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgments ix
Introduction: PC Medicine--Hazardous to Your Health 1
1 Public Health and the Quest for Social Justice 9
2 Inmates Take Over the Asylum 45
3 Nursing Grudges 77
4 Sisterhood and Medicine 103
5 Crack Moms of South Carolina 131
6 Race and Medicine 155
7 Therapy for Victims 193
Epilogue: The Indoctrinologist Isn't In ... Yet 231
Notes 235
Index 271