LEGACY: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years

Author: Richard Lowry
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
October 2003

DDC Review
Richard Lowry aptly points out how Bill Clinton's legacy is, like the man, a fraud -- in search of personal power -- and the antithesis of what the Founders and the Constitution intended. The recession was over in 1991, before Clinton announced his candidacy for president. "It's the economy stupid" was nothing more than playing and plying the receptive media to get elected. From then on, the economy grew on its own. Clinton had nothing to do with it. However, he had everything to do with lowering the bar of integrity and character in public office and throughout society. Indeed, as the author vividly describes, paying the price for the Clinton years of policy folly, foreign and domestic, has only just begun.

>From the Publisher
"In this shattering indictment, National Review editor Rich Lowry exposes the Clinton legacy for what it is - spin, lies, and failure." "Lowry tells the story of how a politician with grandiose ambitions became a cautious, poll-driven placeholder, of how a president who yearned to confront a great international crisis cringed and shrank from one - the threat of Islamic terrorism - when it arrived." "It is a tale of the arrogance of a generation, of the folly of an era, and of the weakness of one man. Lowry describes how Clinton's flawed character - his dishonesty, his egotism, and his moral cowardice - suffused everything he did and primed him for failure as president." Lowry has interviewed the participants and examined the records, producing a book that takes a sledgehammer to Clinton's record and will set the debate over his legacy for years to come.

Table of Contents
Ch. 1 The Content of His Character 1
Pt. 1 Politics & Policy
Ch. 2 His Presidency: Shrinking the Office 29
Ch. 3 The Economy: The 1980s, Part II 59
Ch. 4 Welfare & Crime: A Conservative Triumph 79
Ch. 5 "The Children": Nanny-in-Chief 99
Pt. 2 Scandal & Law
Ch. 6 Investigation: Watergate's Revenge 123
Ch. 7 Sex: Grope First, Smear Later 145
Ch. 8 Impeachment: An Indelible Stain 169
Ch. 9 Domestic Security: Queen of the Bunny Planet 193
Pt. 3 Foreign Policy
Ch. 10 The World: McGovern Without the Conscience 215
Ch. 11 The Wars: Cowardice-at-Arms 245
Ch. 12 The Middle East: The Price of Illusion 273
Ch. 13 Terrorism: Losing the War 299