Power to the People
Author: Laura Ingraham
Regnery PublishingEdition Description: Signed Edition
September 2007

>From the Publisher
Top-rated radio personality Laura Ingraham is fed up with the rule of the elites, and Power to the People issues a call to arms- a plea to reinvigorate our birthright of liberty, to reconnect to our American heritage, to revive our commitment to traditional, conservative principles, and to grow as people by summoning our moral resolve and living our faith.

Ingraham exposes the threats we face from an emboldened cultural Left, global dogmatists, science worshippers, and politicians who spend more time on their hair than on constituency outreach. She also offers real-world solutions for how we can demand more from our leaders and ourselves. Power to the People will not just rile up Ingraham's millions of fans, it will also incite readers to do their part to protect the country that we love. "It is ours to lose," she writes, "and there are many at home and abroad who are more than willing to take it from us. Let's get to work. If each of us does our part, we can't lose."

And amidst these rallying cries and clarion calls to America, Ingraham reveals with heart wrenching honesty and in poignant detail her battle with cancer and the surprising gifts the insidious illness bestowed upon her - incredible strength through weakness, the meaning of sacrificial concern for others, and most importantly, a new-found and deeper faith.

In true Laura Ingraham spitfire style, Power to the People rallies Americans to grab their pitchforks and storm the castles of the old media, over-reaching judges, openborders politicians, radical academics, and unelected bureaucrats. She challenges people to not only take back the power, but to also give of themselvesto recapture America's spirit and greatness.

Author Description
LAURA INGRAHAM is one of the most influential women in American media. Host of her own syndicated radio show, she is heard by millions of faithful listeners coast to coast each day on the Talk Radio Network. Author of the New York Times bestseller Shut Up & Sing, Ingraham is a frequent political and cultural commentator on television. She has worked for CBS News, MSNBC, and regularly appears on Fox News and NBC's Today Show. A former white-collar criminal defense attorney and a Supreme Court law clerk, Laura is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of Virginia School of Law. In February 2006, she hosted the first live national radio show from Iraq, and is the recipient of the VFW's 2007 award for distinguished media coverage. She lives in the Washington, D.C., area.