The Legacy of a Historic Supreme Court Justice

Newsweek Magazine
July 25, 2005 Issue
Lead letter by DDC Founder

The Legacy of a Historic Supreme Court Justice

Before the ink dried on Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation, political adversaries fired the first shots of what will undoubtedly be an unprecedented, uncivilized war over President Bush's nominee to replace her ("O'Connor's Odyssey," July 11). The troubling conclusion is that the court is too powerful.

We should remember that Thomas Jefferson was deeply concerned that the federal judiciary would usurp power from the states, consolidate all government power in Washington and "become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated." Unfortunately, Jefferson's fears are becoming prophetic.

Most disturbing is that the three branches of our government have all but abdicated their constitutional responsibilities to political extremes and the seduction of personal power. Our government was never intended to be exclusive to the few.

Daniel B. Jeffs, Founder,
The Direct Democracy Center
Apple Valley, Calif.