Published in the Daily Press - May 23, 2002

Though Bill Clinton defenders are simply victims of political hucksters, indoctrination by the education establishment and over-exposure to biased news media, they certainly have the right to express their views. Hopefully, however, they will wake up to the fact that they were used as nothing more than facilitators and enablers for Clinton's ambitions to pursue celebrity and to represent nothing but his egocentric self.

No one should forget that Bill Clinton's presidential career consisted of little more than eight years of lies, deceit, pandering, manipulation, political terrorism, blatant abuse of power and disgracing the office. And no one should forget that he betrayed the American people as whole.

Clinton was and is a presidential imposter to the core. Even now, when the probability is high that his irresponsibility and failure to act were responsible for the escalation of terrorism against America, the man has the audacity to prepare a major Middle East crisis policy statement and he expects to be taken seriously. The scary part is that he could be taken seriously in a world of extreme divisions, confusion and uncertainty.

Adding insult to injury, Clinton is negotiating a deal with NBC to host an "Oprah-style" talk show for $50 million per year. Yet it should come as no surprise that NBC would pursue such a contract when they produce a hit parallel presidency show like West Wing and, along with ABC, CBS and CNN news programming, spew a shameless stream of political bias through celebrity news anchors, reporters and a parade of former Clinton administration hacks over the public airways.

If anything, Clinton should have to buy television time to spread his social and political ilk. Indeed, the imposter gives voters ample reason to demand means-testing for all previously elected retirees. Clearly, they were in it for the power, not the salary, and taxpayers should not have to support political sorcerers and presidential frauds.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder
The Direct Democracy Center

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