NEXT: The Future Just Happened
Author: Michael Lewis
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
July 2001

>From BN Editors
In 1989, Michael Lewis snagged the country's attention with Liar's Poker, his raucous account of the fast-paced, double-dealing bond market and the S&L crisis it caused. In the balloon-thin Internet boom, he has once again found a subject worthy of his high-spirited cynicism. Lewis's writing is crisp and his examples of 14-year-old stock market manipulators and outlandish IPOs cry to be read aloud. Excellent beach read.

In Liar's Poker the barbarians seized control of the bond markets. In The New New Thing some guys from Silicon Valley redefined the American economy. Now, with his knowing eye and wicked pen, Michael Lewis reveals how much the Internet boom has encouraged great changes in the way we live, work, and think. He finds that we are in the midst of one of the greatest status revolutions in the history of the world, and the Internet turns out to be a weapon in the hands of revolutionaries. Old priesthoods-lawyers, investment gurus, professionals in general-are toppling right and left. In the new order of things, the amateur, or individual, is king: fourteen-year-old children manipulate the stock market and nineteen-year-olds take down the music industry. Deep, unseen forces are undermining all forms of collectivism, from the family to the mass market: one little black box has the power to end television as we know it, and another one-also attached to the television set-may dictate significant changes in our practice of democracy. Where does it all lead? And will we like where we end up?