From Mike D. September 5, 2000

Those of you who want this "Real Democracy" are in a dream land. Have you taken the time to sit and think of the people who will be voting for our bills and laws? Just look outside your window at the legions of simpletons, morons, and idiots we have in this country. In our country there are about 11 million people with IQs of less than 80! You want a direct democracy where people who have no idea what in the world they are voting vote? Sure direct democracy is good in theory but so is communism. That doesn't neccesarily mean it will work or work well.

Now I am for the power of the people just has much as the next, but not this way. I know that each and every one of you know someone who is "ignorant" to the ways of government, why should they be able to vote, why should they have the power to change my life when they have no idea what they are doing. Just think about it......

Reply from the DDC:

We have thought about it... Thoroughly.

If, as you say, there are 11 million simpletons, morons and idiots with IQs of less than 80 whom you fear would affect your life with their vote, others might say that you are a bit paranoid, especially when those you call "ignorant" would account for less than 5 percent of the 204 million eligible voters in America.

Ludicrous fears aside, with nonpartisan direct democracy in place, voters would be truthfully and impartially informed to make intelligent decisions about self-government. Indeed, the crisis in government and education would be resolved by direct democracy, which would reverse the damage done by partisan representative democracy, bureaucratic empires and public education ruined by social experimentation.

You cannot judge the concept of direct democracy based upon the cynicism, apathy and selfish interests that permeate society today. Instead, you might consider the positive outlook of education over ignorance, mutual understanding over divisive demagogues, and limited government by the people over a national, "tyrannical" nanny.

Taxation and public policy should be decided by an informed public, not by a failed two-party system, steeped in personal power, which dominates a republic of representative democracy that simply doesn't work anymore.

The political system and government have increased and maintained power over the people by keeping them uninformed, misinformed and ignorant. Our efforts are directed toward turning those circumstances around.