December 7, 2001

In response to the horrible events of September 11th, President George W. Bush went before Congress, declared war on terrorism and promised harsh punishment for any nation or government that sponsored or gave safe refuge to terrorist organizations.

When he spoke those words, he was rewarded by a standing ovation. At each utterance of his intent to dedicate our military and the resources of a coalition of friendly, global neighbors to the winning of that war, everyone stood up and started another ovation of approval.

During the following week or so, his approval ratings in every public opinion poll reflected the overwhelming approval of the people of America. His ratings rose to over 80%.the highest of any President in history. I don't believe his declaration was misunderstood by the congress or the people.

The media and certain elements of our society, including our former President, William Jefferson Clinton, appear confused or at odds with the will of the people and the approval of Congress. They are starting to talk of peace and to sew seeds of dissension by trying to lay blame for the murder of over 3,000 innocent American citizens on the behavior of the United States of America during the past 200 years. This in my opinion is dangerously close to treason.

For those of you who might be listening to this gobble-de-gook and are in doubt, re-read the exact words of Bush's declaration. He didn't declare war on Afghanistan or even the Taliban who were shielding the terrorists. He declared war on terrorism, a human behavior, and promised to root it out where ever it existed, and in the process to severely punish any nation or government that sponsored or gave refuse to terrorists.

A war to change human behavior patterns is one that will take many years to win. It is a war of good against evil, but it is one that we have dedicated ourselves to - and vowed to win. We said so, when we gave him a standing ovation and an 80% approval rating of his intent and actions. It is a war that is as old as civilization. It is a war we are committed to, with or without the cooperation of our coalition of fair weather friends.

While we are busy completing the removal of the Taliban from power in Pakistan and the complete destruction of the al Qaeda, including the extermination of their leaders, I think it would be wise of other nations to clear out the nests of terrorists that reside within their borders, before we have to do it for them.

World War II was exactly the opposite. Hitler and the Nazi Party were out to conquer the world, exterminate races they deemed inferior species and bring the evil tyranny of an oppressive dictatorship to the world. Italy and Japan jumped on the band-wagon for different reasons, but they still chose the side of evil. Good triumphed but Evil survived because we only won the war against the governments. We didn't put the fear of certain destruction for evil behavior into the minds of humanity. Now finally, we have entered into that battle. It might take generations of Americans, but we must remain firm in our resolve.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder
The Direct Democracy Center