Maher strives to level the field

Re: "Maher strives to level the field"
By Paul Brownfield
L.A. Times Calendar September 16, 2005

Maher strives to slant the field, further left

Paul Brownfield comes up short in trying to lend credibility to Bill Maher, particularly Maher's "Real Time" show on HBO, which is little more than a radical school for the left, with token conservatives to kick around the arena for the pleasure of his blood thirsty audience.

Maher is not a humorist or a pundit. He is just another irrational Bush hater who can't figure out how to be taken seriously, particularly after being thrown off the stage of his "Politically Incorrect" show by ABC for his anti-American comments after the September 11th attack on our country. And why not? Maher is the antitheses of politically incorrect, who should consider running for the office of Commander-in-Chief of Leftist Lynch Mobs and Thought Police. The Times would undoubtedly support his candidacy, considering the publication of his acid-laced, condescending commentary, "Why don't we have a recall," of President Bush. I wrote a letter to the editor responding to his column, which of course, was ignored.

By the way, Stewart's "The Daily Show" is cut from the same cloth as Maher. I've observed his hateful candor on the side several times, as I did one of Maher's rude stand-ups last night. The radical left are undoubtedly rejoicing over heaven stirring up the Hurricane Katrina disaster as a gift from above. They must be getting a little religion outside their own ideology. Still, it's better to leave decisions about who should represent us to truthfully informed voters. Indeed, we're getting better at it all the time.

Daniel B. Jeffs