DUDE, Where's My Country?

Author: Michael Moore
Publisher: Warner Books
October 2003

>From Barnes & Noble Editors
Liberal provocateur Michael Moore campaigns to unseat George W. Bush in this well-documented analysis of what's gone horribly wrong in America. Aiming his barbs at targets near (corporate corruption, the erosion of civil rights) and far (war in Iraq), Moore offers practical strategies for regime change in America. Moore is a passionate man, as is borne out in his heartfelt documentaries, and his intensity shines through here.

>From the Publisher
Michael Moore is on a mission in his new book: Regime Change. The man who slithered into the White House on tracks greased by his daddy's oil buddies is one of many targets in Mike's blistering follow-up to his smash #1 hit Stupid White Men, the biggest-selling nonfiction book of the year. Now no one is safe: corporate barons who have bilked millions out of their employees' lifetime savings, legislators who have stripped away our civil liberties in the name of "homeland security," and even that right-wing brother-in-law of yours (yes, we all have one) who manages, year after year, through his babbling idiocy, to ruin Thanksgiving dinner.

Table of Contents
1 - 7 Questions for George of Arabia
2 - Home of the Whopper
3 - Oil's Well That Ends Well
4 - The United States of BOO!
5 - How to Stop Terrorism? Stop Being Terrorists!
6 - Jesus W. Christ
7 - Horatio Alger Must Die
8 - Woo Hoo! I Got Me a Tax Cut!
9 - A Liberal Paradise
10- How to Talk to Your Conservative Brother-in-Law
11- Bush Removal and Other Spring Cleaning Chores
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