October 19, 2003

During the last five decades, there has been left-wing -- so-called progressive -- movement going on in America that has become the greatest threat to our freedom and democracy. Indeed, the majority of our people have been systematically marginalized by the tyranny of the unwitting gang of the "me" generation.

The left wing of the Democratic Party has turned government into a giant monolith wrought with waste, fraud and abuse, unnecessary laws, political terrorism, destructive taxation and citizen dependency. The PC education establishment has turned our schools into factories of censorship and ignorance, purveyors of alienating diversity and social aggression, and warehouses of extremism and socialist indoctrination. The legal establishment has turned our court systems into feeding troughs for radicals, predators and parasites -- and our judges into invasive lawmakers. Left-wing journalism has become the medium of all of the above by means of media-driven chaos. And the unconscionable entertainment industry has undermined our stability and the peace and decency of our nation's moral fabric.

Coupled with the greed-confusing atmosphere of the hyper-capitalism of corporate America, we have turned into a superficial society of selfish interests, neurotics and extremes. And our national dialogue has turned alarmingly overbearing, hateful and shrill.

Certainly, if we don't use our common sense, recognize the severity of the crisis, and reverse the erosion with what remains of our power of democracy, we might fully succumb to what could become either the DSO (Disunited States of Oligarchs) or the USSA (Union of Socialist States of Amerika) recklessly brought to fruition by the baby boomer generation's misguided revolution.