Drain California's toxic liberal swamp, and Washington's too
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
April 26, 2009

Letter to Daily Press editorial page editor, Steve Williams.

I appreciate Steve Williams' latest touch of watchdog editorial wisdom regarding the "Arrogant and out of touch" California Legislature and Democratic Assembly Speaker's attempt to raise their staffers' pay in these dire economic times, while trying to add $16 billion to the $12.9 billion in taxes already levied against beleaguered taxpayers, by means of forthcoming ballot measures on May 19, 2009. Indeed, it will be a sad day if and when we lose the support of newspaper editorial pages. All the more reason to support print media looking out for our interests. Particularly, with the increasing assaults against the public interest by the far-left factions and government empire-builders of the Democrat Party and other radical activists and extremists.

Californians with common sense can't sit this out or take it lying down. I, for one, plan to vote against all the ballot propositions except 1D and 1F. Though it doesn't mean much, for symbolic reasons, I will vote for 1F, freezing the governor's and legislators' salaries during budget deficit years. Proposition 1D will get my vote simply because it takes cigarette tax dollars away from Rob Reiner's private Prop. 10 empire and puts them to work directly for needed state child protection services. Then it's time to take a stand against California's liberal Democrat establishment. Their ideology indoctrinated followers will come around to the harsh reality of being deceived when they're feeling enough pain and finally know where it's coming from.

California Democrats are well known, often over-zealous, champions of human rights, yet as the Democrat Party continues moving further to the left, they do not hesitate to deny or limit fundamental rights of life, liberty and property to citizens. Nor do they hesitate to impose intrusive and restrictive government regulations and unreasonable, often punishing, fees and taxes upon their fellow citizens, along with enormous, unjustified public debt. All the while, increasing the size and scope of corrosive government social, political, environmental and economic programs.

President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress are bound and determined to catch-up with and surpass California's regressive political cartel, despite our state's deplorable history of inept, overreaching government causing one crisis after another, with no relief in sight. Unconscionable and unabated energy, water, and education failures, along with business flight are certainly no strangers to the anxiety society in California's land of superficial selfish interests, social aggression, uncertainty and extremes. Life in California after Governor Arnold, the betrayer, who turned into a 98 pound political weakling, looks even worse. Especially, when it seems we will have either Jerry Brown or Diane Feinstein to look backward to as our next Sacramento political mob boss. Unless, that is, we do something about it. To do nothing would be like committing sovereign suicide.

First, remove all unconstitutional judicial activist state supreme court justices by not confirming their continuation on the bench. While we still have the power of the ballot initiative, we can take back our state by draining the toxic liberal swamp, forcing government cut-off all aid to illegal immigrants, and breaking the public education monopoly by privatizing education. Then by repealing state income tax, unreasonable environmental laws and regulations, and reducing state government to the essential standards of services and protections of public safety, public health, public works, and basic public assistance -- most of which would be administered by local governments funded by all taxes formerly collected for the state.

The century-long leftist reincarnation of the federal government has ignored, circumvented or manipulated the Constitution to such an extent that we are being ruled by what amounts to a litigious and bureaucratic, seemingly benevolent dictatorship, with power-grabbing intentions to nationalize banking, healthcare, energy and higher re-education with tender tyrannies and deceit, enforced by political rancor rangers. Once most of the American people wake up to much more economic pain, insecurity, loss of liberty, and a heavy dose of common sense, voters will surely drain the toxic liberal swamp in Washington, restore limited government as clearly defined by the Constitution, and instruct their elected representatives to Congress to make no law, until they repeal all unreasonable laws, rules and regulations, and restore usurped states' rights.