What The Clintons Taught A Seventeen Year Old
Author: Jason D. Fodeman
Publisher: Publish America, Inc.
May 2003

>From the Publisher:

A teenager who grew up during the Clinton presidency relates his perception, and the likely consequences, of the dichotomy between the Clinton legacy and the mainstream teaching of parental values. The book chronicles the Clintons ' misdeeds, the complicity of the Justice Department, and the free pass by a largely adoring media. It leads to a conclusion that all too often parents prostituted those principles, turning a blind eye to the scandals while sending a confusing mixed message to their progeny. Ultimately it is the very fabric of society that has suffered. For children the waters were muddied as to right and wrong. It was a time that exposed the hypocrisy of parental guidance demonstrating compromised standards, preaching lofty goals while falling short themselves. Nothing is a bigger turn off to a kid than this "do as I say not as I do" mentality. The author believes the phenomenon has left deep scars on the soul of American life. Regardless of one's politics, all parents and all those in loco parentis should read this book.

The book carries endorsements from William F. Buckley, Jr., Accuracy in Media Chairman Emeritus Reed Irvine, U.S. Congressman Christopher Shays and a foreword by David P. Schippers, Chief Counsel to the House Managers for the Clinton Impeachment. The author is an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University.

DDC Review:

A remarkable book written by a brave young man. Jason Fodeman presented his book to a mostly liberal audience at Jason's hometown library in Westport, CT, which was filmed on June 30, 2003 by C-Span Book TV. The presentation was aired on July 27, 2003. It came as no surprise that the audience was stacked with die-hard Clinton defenders who came only condescend and embarrass Jason, including several of his well-indoctrinated high-school-mates acting as Clinton demagogues. Of course, they dominated the question and answer period. But Jason held his own with a smile, lending him and even more credibility. Fodeman and his book aptly address the Clinton legacy, which is replete with glaring examples of shameless irresponsibility, immorality, lies, deceit, abuse of power and political treachery. Jason's parents did their job, and they should be very proud.

Reader reviews:

A MUST READ book by young Westport CT author Jason D. is a fantastic book that should be read... '.I recommend this book to all and we at the Norwalk RTC are honored to have had Jason speak at our meeting. Jason addressed the Norwalk Republican Town Committee at our monthly meeting June 18th, 2003 at City Hall Community Room. This meeting was open to the public. This is a young man you would want your kids to meet. And he is a young man with an exceptionally bright future. I truly believe this is a young man that make many people rethink their views on the Clinton legacy. He has written a phenominal book. What more evidence do we need to see that the Clinton legacy has tarnished the young people of this country. We as adults can go back and forth on a day to day basis, one side defending while the other appalled, but when a young person actually takes a year out of his active life to let the American people see just what an effect the former President has had on him, how can we close a blind eye? I truly believe that Jason will get more than a few people to sit up and take notice. I think you will be quite surprised of the perception this young man has and the impact the Clinton's really had on American youth

Reader review:

Youthful Author's wisdom exposes Bill and Hillary's scam Jason Fodeman demonstrates an unusually keen insight for a 17 year-old in his excellent expose of the Clinton Presidency. With literary precision he details facts surrounding the numerous scandals which characterized the Clintons during the President's two terms. Mr. Fodeman's contrast between the values imparted to him by his parents and grandparents which influence so much of who he is, with the Clinton's values for power, money, exploitation, greed, and lying, is striking. Page after page startles the reader into an awareness of how vulnerable young people could have been influenced so negatively by such powerful and influential people as the Clintons. Mr. Fodeman's style of writing and youhtful insights make this an appealing book for people of all ages who seek to understand the Clinton's influence

Reader review:
Amazing Book

This book offers a unique perspective on the scandals that unfolded during the Clinton Administration--- that of a teenager. It is easy for us, as adults, to ignore ethical and legal lapses when the economy is strong, but what signal does this send to out children? The author sets forth how people in leadership positions can undermine the values we try to teach our kids. The book was very readable.

Truly Edifying
I just caught the end of a CSPAN interview with Jason. His book should be required reading in every school. "We the People" have seen GOD not only removed, but declared illegal, except as a profanity. For a Nation that was Founded On the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that ain't good! After decades of decadence, of behaviorisms being glorified that used to make us want to vomit, it us encouraging indeed, that some people, like Jason, still hold those truths dear. And it is encouraging also, that others will publish these truths - against all the odds.

More reader reviews:

Jason is to be commended. Whether we are Democrats or Republicans all Americans need to act and react. The voting public tells the story (not the truth) and this is very disturbing.

National Review: How To Destroy A Village: What The Clintons Taught A Seventeen Year Old is one of the most remarkable documents to emerge from the Clinton era. Its author, Jason D. Fodeman, was the 17-year-old of the title; and his book is a very young man's passionate reflection on the decade of scandals. Though its subject is clearly political-- because its main characters are politicians-- it's not chiefly just another scandal book but a work of moral instruction. Fodeman tells the well-known stories from the Clinton years and asks the pointed question: Is this how people should behave? Fortunately, however, moral truths outlast the vices even of the most powerful; and when looking for role models we would be wise to heed the words of the psalmist, "Put not your trust in princes" (146:3).

San Francisco, CA. As a young person, it is great to read the perspective of my peer. The book is well researched and contains astute analysis.

Seattle, WA. This book takes a look at an aspect of politics we usually don't think about---- how the actions of politicians teach children lessons contrary to those taught by most parents. The book presents a well-researched look at various scandals during the Clinton Administration, governmental and media reaction to them, and, most importantly, the subtle messages they sent to children about accountability and truth.

What is truly amazing is that this book was written by a 17 year old high school student. The perspective is one we don't often see. Although my own political posture does not mirror the author's, I must agree with his overall premise. He has made some very thoughtful observations about American values.

Boston, MA. An intriguing title and concept that has so wonderfully struck a nerve with the Clinton suck-ups. The Clintons were scum, "their" presidency was a disgrace, their legacy a sham, and a mere function of the business cycle. Their true legacy? Coming off the greatest economic boom in history, a period of peace, and watching as the Democratic Party has gone belly up. Ha, ha, ha. Way to go "17-year-old."

Seattle, WA. This is a great book by a young person about the negative effects of the Clintons on children and their values. All parents, who are concerned about their kids and the values they grow up with, need to read this book and discuss it with their children. It is truly amazing that a teenager wrote this book