Why Religious Militants Kill
Author: Jessica Stern
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
August 2003

>From the Publisher

"For four years, Jessica Stern interviewed extremist members of three religions around the world: Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Traveling extensively - to refugee camps in Lebanon, to religious schools in Pakistan, to prisons in Amman, Asqelon, and Pensacola - she discovered that the Islamic jihadi in the mountains of Pakistan and the Christian fundamentalist bomber in Oklahoma have much in common." "Based on her research, Stern explains how terrorist organizations are formed by opportunistic leaders who - using religion as both motivation and justification - recruit the disenfranchised.

She depicts how moral fervor is transformed into sophisticated organizations that strive for money, power and attention." Jessica Stern's interaction with the faces behind the terror provide unprecedented insight into acts of inexplicable horror, and enable her to suggest how terrorism can most effectively be countered.