Life in George W. Bush's America

Author: Molly Ivins
Publisher: Random House
September 2003

>From Barnes & Noble Editors
Molly Ivins's follow-up to the hilarious bestseller Shrub proves once again why the wry Texas humorist is not in line to head up George W. Bush's fan club; but what sets it apart from other anti-Dubya screeds is the author's incisive analysis of how Bush's crony-centered domestic policies are adversely affecting average Americans. Obviously, unquestioning Bush supporters are advised to steer clear, but this is a well-researched, well-reasoned, often painful-to-read indictment of the Bush administration.

>From the Publisher
Bushwhacked brings to light the horrendous legacy of the Bush tax cut, his increasingly appalling environmental record, his administration's involvement in the Enron scandal, and the real Bush foreign policy - botched nation building in Kabul and Baghdad, alienation of former allies - and, unfortunately, much more. Ivins and Dubose go beyond the too frequently soft media coverage of Bush to show us just how damaging his policies have been to ordinary Americans - "the Doug Jones Average," rather than the Dow Jones Average. Bushwhacked is filled with sharp observation, humor, and compassion for the people often ignored by the federal government and the Washington press corps.

Table of Contents
1 Aloha, Harken 3
2 Julia Jeffcoat's Jobless Recovery 20
3 Class War 31
4 The Blues in Belzoni 50
5 Leave No Child Behind 72
6 Green Rabbits and Yellow Streams 97
7 Kill the Messenger 112
8 Ready to Eat? 125
9 Dick, Dubya, and Wyoming Methane 152
10 Warm in the White House 175
11 The United States of Enron 184
12 Army Surplus: Two Veterans at Enron 204
13 God in the White House 214
14 Dubya Bush's Bench 228
15 Shrub II: The Empire Strikes Back 248
16 State of the Union 276
17 What Is to Be Done? 293
Acknowledgments 307
Sources 309
Index 333