How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals,
and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores
Author: Michelle Malkin
Publisher: Regnery Publishing, Inc., An Eagle Publishing Company
September 2002

>From the Publisher
There were 19 hijackers aboard the planes that attacked America on September 11. This book reveals the shocking, true identity of the "20th hijacker".

Reader reviews:
"Blind" Sheik Rahman was a terrorist in the 1980s in Egypt. He was captured on Egyptian TV in one of those 'fundamentalist cages' that the Egyptians use when they try religious fanatics who are trying to bring down the state. He fled Egypt and ended up in Sudan. In the late 1980s, he was issued a U.S. visa in Khartoum, Sudan, by a Sudanese U.S. embassy worker. Muslims giving Muslims entrance to America. The "Blind Sheik" entered America and set up a center for terrorism in New York. The result: the 1993 bombing of the WTC. Incredible but true. In the 8 years since then, America has sped up immigration from Muslim nations, and not done anything to stop it. Terrorist, killers and fanatics are let in. The media mostly supports this open door policy. 75 % of Americans are against it. Most of our congressmen are for open borders, becuase it means that they get lobby money from business interests who want cheap labor. Unions hope that the new immigrants will vote Democrat. The media believes in the "romantic version" of the "good immigrant". I am not against all immigration, and most immigrants are good, but there are a lot of the nasty, "bad" ones coming in to America. Even after 9-11, the media is silent, and Congress is bought off by business interests and big labor. Americans are mostly in the dark due to lack of media coverage. Ms. Malkin shines light on the reality. Not only is immgration making America more crowded and "diverse" (chaotic), but 3,000 Americans and other nationalities had to die because we collectively have our national head in the sand. I hope that noone else has to die, but if this book is correct, it is very probable that more Americans will die...

Invasion tells the truth
Apologists for mass immigration, open borders, illegal cheap labor, and illegal alien amnesty will have a tough time confronting the hard facts in Michelle Malkin's ground-breaking book, Invasion. Michelle Malkin attacks the federal bureaucracy like an insider in a very serious and expertly researched book. She tells a story that desperately needs to be told. She confronts the inconvenient fact that illegal aliens have raped and murdered innocent American citizens, and assassinated law enforcement officers (documented in Chapters 5 and 6). But truth is sometimes subject to media blackout when it doesn't fit the familiar "immigrant good, restriction bad" script. So in the face of deafening media silence, be a rebel and buy Invasion! Read it. Talk about it. Tell your friends and neighbors to go buy it too. For anyone who actually reads Invasion cover-to-cover (reviewers included), you will learn the truth about how the federal government's immigration bureaucracy operates, and why it utterly fails in its mission to enforce the immigration law of the United States. Invasion will make you an immigration insider overnight. You will learn in Chapter 10 that there is a permanent amnesty-granting machine buried inside the U.S. Department of Justice. You'll learn that this bureaucracy is called the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), that it controls the nationwide U.S. Immigration Court system and its appellate body called the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), and that it makes a federal case out of the deportation of every single illegal alien and criminal alien resident in the United States. By reading Invasion, you will learn how this litigation bureaucracy operates behind closed doors, turning "due process" into a shameless farce of bureaucratic delay and abuse that allows countless illegal aliens and criminal alien residents to remain in the United States indefinitely. Invasion is an historic book. Not only does Michelle Malkin explain to the American people what the bureaucrats of the EOIR and BIA are doing to this country, but she offers a solution -- and it's the right solution. Invasion is the first national bestseller to call for the EOIR and the BIA to be abolished. And that's something you won't hear on the evening news.

Michelle Malkin... wow
Malkin gives a step by step analysis of the politics and policies that left America so open to acts of terrorism. She writes with a command and style that is all her own as she points out all those who in essence, "have blood on their hands." I cant wait to see what she writes next.

If you love America, read this book
If your source of information about immigration is the mainstream media, you're not going to know what is really happening. Malkin's book is an excelent introduction to what is really going on with American border policy. Invest an evening with this book and you will have a clear picture of why there is a giant smoking hole in lower Manahattan. The book reads like an indictment of America's absurd immigration system from the criminals that wander back and forth across our border to the ineptitude of the INS to the politicians and special interest groups behind the deaths of 2,800 Americans on Sept 11th. Did you know that President Bush has been pushing for legislation that explicitly allows terrorists to get green cards? You're not going to find that in the mainstream media but Malkin tells you exactly what is going on.

Be Careful while interpreting this
Based mostly on opinion the author breaks down the weakness of America, when carefully read it is clear citizens are naive to world sentiment. I do see and understand a bit better, however this material borderlines on areas I wish not to venture. I do believe the central theme is based on genuine concern not to allow ourselves to be as naive as we truly were.

Forewords & Introductions

There were 19 hijackers aboard the planes that attacked America on September 11. Invasion reveals the shocking, true identity of the "20th hijacker." This shadowy co-conspirator was not an al Qaeda operative. Or an Iraqi secret agent. Or a Taliban chief. According to author Michelle Malkin, the 20th hijacker was our very own government. Invasion exposes how America continues to welcome terrorists, criminal aliens, foreign murderers, torturers, and the rest of the world's "undesirables." It reveals how our immigration authorities have granted citizenship or legal permanent residence to America-haters and brutal thugs. And it explains how misguided policies and overworked officials have encouraged criminals to enter our country, abuse our systems, and attack our citizens. In many cases, says Malkin, our government has approved policies that make it virtually impossible to identify or track known criminals entering our country. In other areas, bureaucrats have consistently ignored rules set in place to prevent the entry of terrorists and violent criminals. In both cases, says Malkin, these dangerous failures endanger American lives-and prevent honest, American-loving immigrants from entering our country and becoming citizens. Based on exhaustive research and interviews with dozens of current and former immigration officials, Invasion shines light on how the INS, Congress, State Department, Big Business, and ethnic special interests continue to value criminal alien rights over American lives.


Michelle Malkin is a nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate. Her twice-weekly column is published by nearly 100 clients, including the Miami Herald, Detroit News, Washington Times, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, and New York Post. Malkin is a Fox News commentator and frequent radio talk show guest, and has appeared on C-SPAN's Washington Journal, the McLaughlin Group, ABC's 20/20, and MSNBC. Malkin, the daughter of Filipino immigrants, was born in Philadelphia in 1970 and raised in southern New Jersey. She is a graduate of Oberlin College and lives with her husband and daughter in Maryland