Since the Democratic Party took control of Congress, the word Democrat has become an oxymoron, and the Party has placed our democratic republic in crisis. If Democrats get their way against the best interests of the people, they will lay out the welcome mat to terrorists, predators and parasites, pull the rug out from under our necessary efforts in Iraq, raise taxes, increase suffocating regulations, and extend government control over our lives.

Indeed, the chaos among Democrats who denied their own members democracy in the 2008 primary elections, which will spill over into a fiasco of a presidential election, will be clear and convincing evidence of how personal power and the power of political parties threatens freedom and democracy in America.

The Republican Party suffers from a similar stigma. It's not necessarily the people who are elected in the two-party system. Many of them have honorable of intentions to serve the people in their districts, states and the country. Unfortunately, the political system has become self-corrupting, wherein our elected officials choose personal power over public service. Deceiving the people - the voters - is simply a means to satisfy their ambitions.

Political party leaders and many others - down the political ladders to local and state elected officials - too often demonstrate unabated abuse of power. That's simply not good for us or America. We would do much better electing well-compensated nonpartisan professional government managers to represent us, and let the voters decide matters of taxation, education and important public policy. Indeed, the results of this presidential election fiasco should make the idea much more appealing than costly empire-building and government houses bitterly divided by political aisles...

The inescapable truth is that the propaganda-driven left-wing of the Democratic Party is poised to gain control of the presidency and increase its majority in the House and Senate. If that happens, the future of our society and our country will be in extreme peril. We will certainly be subjected to increased terrorism. We will be subjected to increased socialism, and we will be headed for moral, political, social and economic collapse.

The only help we need is the determination to help ourselves to be self-reliant….

Beware of the narcissistic (Boomer) generation

Driven by socialist academics and Marxist demagogues of the WW II generation, large numbers of the Boomer generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) became so-called anti-establishment activists, swore to change the world, and they did. They took over the education system, government, the news media and the entertainment industry. The Boomer "Me" generation were self-absorbed. They wanted it all, and they wanted it immediately. Being the largest generation - they got it. Now, with the help of our deceived populace, they are determined to obtain absolute power. Gaining the presidency and increasing their control of congress in 2008 could seal the deal. All subsequent generations have been paying dearly and, as boomers age they will demand even more, which will break the bank and the backs of Medicare, Social Security and the economy. Indeed, the boomers now control the powerful lobby of the American Association of Retired People (AARP), and it will get much worse with enormous tax increases levied against younger working people.

The tyranny of elitists and minority extremes

The tyranny and arrogance of the Marxist-leaning liberal elite insists on establishing a socialist government to re-distribute our wealth, and to control our thinking and our behavior through the indoctrination of fear and insecurity.

The tyranny of minority extremists, and radical feminist and gay activists have stifled the positive evolution of race and gender relations with hate speech and fear mongering, which has perpetuated divisive race and gender relations by fraudulently perpetuating guilt. Indeed, so-called leaders have unreasonably depicted minorities, women and gays as 'sacred-cow' victims, which has seriously damaged relationships, children and families.

The tyranny of anti-religion zealots demonizes people of faith, promotes moral relativism and denies truth.

The tyranny of radical environmentalists has caused severe damage to our economy with unreasonable lawsuits, regulations and fanatical restrictions against developing our oil and natural gas resources, building more refineries and nuclear energy plants, which steadily increases the cost of living and threatens our future beyond measure.

The tyranny of litigation greed. Malicious and frivolous lawsuits cost us all.

The tyranny of big government has taken a destructive toll upon the American people. There are over 30 million people employed by local, state and federal government bureaucracies. Governments grow when those in power practice empire building supported by the self-interest of those who work in those empires.

The tyranny of activist attorneys and judges shreds the strict protections of the Constitution and leaves the people vulnerable to abusive laws and government power. The criminal justice system serves criminals rights over victim and public rights, leaving the public vulnerable to dangerous people.

The tyranny of the elite news media initiates and perpetuates fears, anxiety, anger and rancorous politics. Politically biased news media manipulates public opinion and fraudulently decides elections. The tyranny of the two-party system marginalizes independent voters and decides who will run for and hold public office, to the exclusion of all others.

When people are deceived into believing government will take care of them, they become irresponsible and gain a false sense of entitlement.

The failure of public education is disastrous - the California example

California Governor Schwarzenegger's recent advisory panel's study on education indicating costly sweeping change is needed simply flies in the face of sweeping budget cuts in education. However, none of it matters when California's habitual failure in public education has become a systemic disease that results in graduating functionally illiterate students.

Tying teacher pay to increase student performance and establishing a statewide data base to track student performance are good ideas. But it has become painfully clear that throwing more and more funding into the money pit of miseducation does little or nothing to alleviate the stranglehold the education establishment has on school curriculums, wherein low expectations, grade inflation, teacher cheating, and radical environmental/socialistic indoctrination prevails over academic core subjects. Indeed, the idea of universal pre-school and full-day kindergarten classes amounts to nothing more than day care at public expense.

School vouchers have become a lost cause because the bullying selfish interests of teacher unions undermine those efforts. There is only one way to stop the robbing of generations of students of their education. Pass a constitutional amendment to set high standards, privatize all education and allow competitive market forces to take its course to the best education at a fraction of the cost of public miseducation. Of course, families who cannot afford the tuition should be subsidized. The bonus would be a balanced, much lower state budget.

It's not the parents' fault that they, and their children, and all taxpayers have been defrauded by decades of cheapened ideology, partisan politics and dangerous social forces beyond their control. However, our society can certainly be faulted for allowing a wounded education system to become factories of ignorance and indoctrination, and warehouses of confusion, irresponsibility and festering violence. There are, however, some heroes among us in the form of parents who home school their children, against all odds. They should be an example to us all, and a call to get moving with the solution.

The real solution

For the real solution to resolving our social, political, educational and economic problems, look in the mirror, think about truth and democracy, then demand both….