March 20, 2002

The attack on America notwithstanding, social and political extremists in our country have been exacting organized terror against enormous classes of people, wherein radical special interests and partisan blocks of voters, have been jerking around the majority for decades.

Indeed, our society has been thoroughly assaulted by selfish interests and battered by the failures of good intentions. And confronting the problems is long overdue, simply because sustained social aggression political terrorism, legal anarchy, extreme commercialism and instant gratification have torn America apart from its moral foundations of freedom, justice and common sense.

In the 1960's, extreme elements of the boomer generation (socialists, feminists, radical racial leaders, political plunderers, legal parasites, economic extortionists, gay/lesbian groups and historical revisionists) launched what would turn into social, political, legal and economic terrorism against American families, children, white males, boys, conservatives, smokers and now fat people -- all of whom have been systematically demeaned, demonized and held up to public hatred and humiliation. Legalized terror was enhanced by the liberal takeover of the legal and education establishments, legitimized by left-wing political forces in Washington and throughout the several states, and fueled by media-driven bias and chaos

Considering the fact that the boomer generation also introduced the destructive drug culture and the "free love" sexual revolution into American society, it's about time to take the social aggression seriously, primarily because the boomers are in power, and they are now the new establishment, acting not so different from what they thought they were fighting against in the beginning.

Anyone who doubts the reality of our endemic dilemma need only take second looks at the systemic erosion of families, relationships, public education, race relations, free speech and free will at the intimidating hands of the thought and behavior police of political correctness. It is so clearly pervasive that it runs from the liberal consolidation of power in Washington, to the biased news media, to the radical left of the literary and entertainment industries, and throughout opportunistic commerce and advertising.

Collectively, the thought and behavior police are the minority that have been subtly terrorizing the silent majority, primarily because only about half of eligible voters in the United States are registered, and only about half, or less, of registered voters, vote. Special interests aside, that means about 25 percent of the voters decide who has the power over us, and who represents us in this failing democracy.

The solution is simple: It's time to overcome the natural tendency of good people to avoid trouble and remain silent. It's time for the real majority to decide with more democracy. Register, get educated about what's really going on, demand more democracy, and vote. Edmund Burke profoundly said that the only thing necessary for evil to exist is for good people to remain silent and do nothing. Now, it's a matter of survival...

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder
The Direct Democracy Center