May 19, 2002

It was simply unconscionable for the Junior Senator form New York to audaciously stand up in the Senate and lie about not being one of the "second-guessers" when her answer-seeking pursuits are focused more on seeking the presidency than representing her constituents.

Indeed, former co-president Hillary Clinton is hardly in a position to imply that President Bush or anyone failed to prevent terrorism, particularly in light of the fact that she knew her co-president husband was in the best position to prevent the attack on America, yet failed to nab Usama bin Laden, even when the chief triggerman was offered-up by the Sudanese government in the mid-90's.

Alas, New Yorkers, 9/11 victims and all Americans deserve better than shabby hypocrisy and unwarranted political sniping in these starkly dangerous and uncertain times.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder
The Direct Democracy Center

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