Off The Deep End

From Tim Hansen
June 22, 2004

You guys have gone off the deep end. Talking about our government and democracy does not undermine our troops or in anyway endanger them. Telling people that it does is a blow to the United States and is a knife in the heart of democracy. Grow up.

Tim Hansen


DDC response:

Tim Hansen,

Thank you for your comments and your interest in democracy.
Unfortunately, the people who have gone off the deep end and need to grow up are political extremists who want to replace President Bush with Senator Kerry and the biased, negative-reporting, media -- at any cost. And unfortunately, some of the cost has been American soldiers, civilians and many innocent Iraqis. In effect, the anti-Bush crowd is unwittingly playing into the hands of fanatic al-Qaeda terrorists who have made Iraq their battleground. Better there than in our homeland.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder
The Direct Democracy Center