A History of Voter Fraud in America

Steal This Vote: A History of Voter Fraud in America
Author: Andrew Gumbel
Publisher: Avalon Publishing Group
August 2005

DDC Comment: Andrew Gumbel is a U.S. correspondent for the London newspaper, The Independent. Without actually saying it, Gumbel helps make our case for establishing secure voting networks connected to voters' homes.

"The Florida presidential meltdown of 2000 was not a fluke. Things have only gotten worse since. In their efforts to avoid "another Florida," officials have spent tens of millions of dollars on computer touch-screen systems that experts have found to be badly designed, poorly programmed, unequal to the demands placed on them, and vulnerable to hacking and other forms of mischief." Steal This Vote lays the blame for this fiasco on a corrupted political environment created by both major parties, and on a large number of state and county election officials more interested in appearances than in the integrity of the democratic process. The book tells the fraught but colorful history of electoral manipulation in the United States from the framers of the constitution, through Boss Tweed's New York, the Daley machine in Chicago, to Election 2000 and beyond - a tale of votes bought, stolen, suppressed, lost, duplicated, assigned to dead people and pets, miscounted, thrown into rivers, and litigated all the way to the Supreme Court. After reading this book, you'll never look at American democracy the same way.

1 How to steal an election 1
2 The antidemocratic tradition and the new right 27
Pt. 1 Voting in the age before mechanization
3 Slavery and the system 55
4 Patronage, liquor, and graft : the ascent of machine politics 73
5 The theft of the century 91
6 The 1896 watershed and the paradox of reform 107
7 The long agony of the disenfranchised South 127
8 Chicago : the other kind of mob rule 149
Pt. 2 Voting in the machine age
9 Levers, punch cards, and the fallacy of the technological fix 173
10 Democracy's frangible connections : Florida 2000 201
11 The miracle solution 225
12 Backlash 251
13 Round on the ends and high in the middle : election 2004 275
14 Democracy here and there 299
15 The democratic future 315