Gingrich's Potential Run for the Presidency

Founder's letter published in the Los Angeles Times
January 20, 2005

Times Staff Writer Janet Hooks' "Gingrich Writes Act 2 of His Political Life" sells Newt Gingrich far too short.

Tainted by the power of elective office (as most who go to Washington are) notwithstanding, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich is probably the most qualified person in America to be president.

After wresting the 40-year control of Congress from the Democratic party in the 1994 election revolution, carrying out the "Contract with America," going along with the Clinton administration's plagiarism of Republican ideas, and temporarily withstanding relentless assaults by political enemies, Gingrich did the honorable thing and stepped aside for the good of his country.

Undaunted, Gingrich continued his work developing nonpartisan domestic ideas and solutions for government [and his fellow citizens. As aptly pointed out in his book, "Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract With America," he knows what it will take to resolve the healthcare, social security, education and many other failing issues which are so important to our future.] And, having a thorough understanding of history as a professor in the field, Gingrich knows what needs to be done in foreign policy matters and how to win the struggle against terror.

The Republican Party would do well to support Gingrich's efforts, take his advice, and to nominate him for president for the 2008 election. [America will surely need his leadership then, more than ever. It could be a matter of our survival.]

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