How America's Intelligence Failures Led to September 11
Author: Bill Gertz
Publisher: Regnery Publishing, Inc., An Eagle Publishing Company
September 2002

>From the Publisher
Breakdown is the real story of how September 11 was allowed to happen - complete with previously unpublished classified documents (the details of which have been redacted to protect American security). New York Times bestselling author Bill Gertz uses his unparalleled access to contacts and knowledge of America's intelligence system to show how this system completely broke down in the years, months, and days leading up to the deadly terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon. It was the worst intelligence failure since Pearl Harbor, an event that led to the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency-whose mission was to prevent similar surprise attacks.

Who's to blame? There's plenty of blame to go around. In Breakdown you'll learn the shocking litany of failures by America's intelligence services that left our country vulnerable. Here's a small taste:

The inside story of how the FBI and CIA missed crucial signs of al Qaeda plans for suicide airplane attacks on America

How the CIA's clandestine service was so despised under the Clinton administration that it ordered the FBI to investigate a dedicated CIA field officer who was falsely accused of attempting to assassinate Iraq's Saddam Hussein

How a top secret CIA report shows the CIA was unable to penetrate Osama bin Laden's terrorist network when others could

How the best American intelligence officers have been hounded out of the clandestine service-and desk-bound bureaucrats and politically correct hires have taken their place

How the National Security Agency lost the ability to intercept bin Laden's telephone calls in 1998 and how terrorists operated right next door to the eavesdropping agency headquarters as they prepared the September 11 attacks

How the FBI lost its ability to carry out effective intelligence operations in the United States thanks to restrictions imposed by Congress and several administrations

How Congressional oversight of intelligence caused severe damage to U.S. intelligence agencies and led to restrictions that prevented catching terrorists and spies.

What to do now-how America can reform its intelligence services to win the war on terror.

In Breakdown, Bill Gertz delivers the goods in a way that no other reporter can-with insider scoops and classified material that tell the full story of how our intelligence services collapsed when they were needed most.


Forewords & Introductions

Best-selling author and award-winning investigative reporter Bill Gertz taps his inside sources in the Pentagon and the CIA to track the path of terrorism and terrorists in the United States. Gertz tells us who knew what-and how our military and intelligence agencies and officials had information that could have prevented September 11. Extensive material on Bill Clinton, and how his complete mismanagement of both our military and our intelligence agencies made us sitting ducks for this kind of attack. Gertz shows what's being done now behind the scenes for our protection, and the further steps needed to avoid future disasters.


Bill Gertz, the defense and national security reporter for the Washington Times, is the bestselling author of Betrayal and The China Threat. One of the most respected reporters in his field, he has unrivaled access to sources within the Pentagon and the American intelligence community. He has lectured at the FBI academy and the National Defense University. Gertz lives with his family near Washington, D.C.