How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It
Author: Rachel Ehrenfeld
Publisher: Bonus Books, Inc.
August 2003

Since September 11, there has been a lot of coverage of terrorists' use of charitable organizations that collect and transfer illegal funds, and about alternative payment systems and state sponsorship. But what has been identified thus far could hardly pay for training camps, recruitment, conventional and unconventional weapons, travel, safe houses, propaganda, bribes, and all else needed to carry out international terrorist activities. Yet little is said about the main sources of these very large funds.

"Funding Evil" reveals how Muslim and Arab groups and states use political corruption to facilitate, and in turn feed, the most vital and venomous sources of terrorists' funds--specifically, state sponsorship and illegal drugs. It also reveals their international fundraising methods. It draws a parallel between terrorists and organized crime and drug trafficking organizations and describes their common activities: money laundering, fraud, market manipulation, smuggling, counterfeiting, trafficking in children and prostitution.

"Funding Evil" is based on 15 years of extensive international research that provides unique insight into the complex and menacing world of criminal financing. Author Rachel Ehrenfeld's vast international experience and exclusive sources of information help to illuminate what is probably the most important aspect of terrorism: its funding. "Funding Evil" defines the magnitude of the problem and offers realistic and pragmatic strategies to win the war on terrorism.