Jane Fonda in North Vietnam
Authors: Henry Mark Holzer Erika Holzer
Foreword by George Bud Day
Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
March 2002

DDC Review: According to the authors, Jane Fonda should have been indicted and prosecuted for treason. Indeed, if it were not for Nixon's fear of hampering his re-election in 1972, she would have been. The authors offer such an indictment in throughout the book, and specifically in Chapter 10.

Thirty years after a young Jane Fonda famously broadcast from Hanoi during the Vietnam War, the Holzers (both lawyers) fuel her continuing demonization by the political right, concluding that Fonda should have been tried for-and could have been convicted of-treason. Henry Holzer (emeritus, Brooklyn Law School) insists that he began researching the book with no opinion about Fondůs guilt or innocence but was moved to investigate her past after being angered by her continuing celebrityhood and her appearance on a Ladies Home Journal list of the 100 most important women of the century. He deems a public apology Fonda made in 1988 "hollow and insincere" and seeks her punishment at the very least "in the court of public opinion."

Reader Review:
The author successfully maintains objectivity with a very emotional subject and thoroughly substantiates the evidence. Jane Fonda clearly stepped over the line, causing immeasurable harm to the U.S. and great emotional distress to our POWs. Its one thing to disagree with US policy but to embrace the enemy, visit our POWs in wretched camps, and broadcast the benefits of 'communism' is totally unacceptable. This is a must read for people who seek the truth about Fonda's outrageous behavior during the Vietnam War.


Table of Contents
Introduction: In Pursuit of Justice 1
Pt. I Prelude to North Vietnam
1 The Early Jane Fonda 11
2 The Anti-War Jane Fonda 20
Pt. II In North Vietnam
3 Captive Audience: The American POWs 33
4 "Adhering to Their Enemies" 59
5 "Giving Them Aid and Comfort" 77
Pt. III Treason
6 Constitutional Treason 95
7 World War II Treason Prosecutions 113
8 Jane Fonda and the Law of Treason 131
Pt. IV Closure
9 The Government's Capitulation 145
10 United States of America v. Jane Fonda 165
Conclusion 171
App Texts of Fonda's Hanoi Broadcasts to U.S. Servicemen 173
Bibliography 199
Index 203