February 4, 2005

While disgruntled left-wing Democrats (regressives calling themselves progressives), their unwitting choir -- and liberal elite journalists from what could now be called the "drystream media" -- waste time rationalizing, whining and complaining about the self-imposed dilemma of their 2004 election beating, it might be interesting to note the personal observations of a member of the formerly "Silent generation" who witnessed a 40-year devolution into what became the demoralizing, empty vessel of the Boomer generation:

When the permissive products of the misguided, ungrateful, counterculturist, anti-establishment generation of the 60's and 70's -- and their embittered gurus --declared themselves on a mission to change America and the world, they did. But little did they know how deeply they wounded their vulnerable, unsuspecting society by relentlessly assaulting it with selfish interests and battering it with the failures of good intentions.

Instead of the unattainable, utopian society they foolishly imagined, radicals and activists from what became the "self-absorbed" generation ended up being responsible for national disasters such as launching the drug culture, turning education into factories of ignorance, indoctrination and warehouses of violence, disparaging and reconstructing our history, establishing legal anarchy, waging war against men, boys and Christians, ruining families and relationships, creating a nation of victims, and the unbridled growth of overbearing government.

Then, rather than rectifying or even admitting their wrongs, they hypocritically leaped headlong into exacerbating the problems by falling into an intellectually dishonest, superficial society of extremes, including commercial excess, the politics of personal destruction, culture wars, truth vacuums, amoral entertainment, psychological implosion, celebrity-obsessed infotainment and biased, media-driven chaos. And, as if all that wasn't bad enough, the unconscionables helped the Boomer generation spawn a conscienceless, spoiled generation who will certainly be disappointed by their short-lived, great expectations.

Now, fanatical partisans are tampering with our national security and our very existence.

Needless to say, it's time for all of us to re-examine ourselves across generations, with a lot of soul-searching and heavy doses of realistic objectivity, before it's too late.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder