America's Dilemma and the 2008 Presidential Election

Regardless of who wins the 2008 presidential election, we will be in deeper trouble than we were before. The initial question is, to what degree? If Senator McCain wins, the Congress will be controlled by more Democrat socialists. If Senator Obama wins, socialist control will be even greater. Either way, the American way of life will be substantially diminished and more freedoms will be lost.

The real question is, how many of us know that? The answer seems to be, not enough of us. Most of us are either too busy working and trying to make it through life, or too distracted by trying to make it fun and exciting. Most people don't read newspapers or watch the news on television or even over the Internet. It's all too frustrating. Most of those who do, are more attracted to crime, violence, disasters and the tabloid element injected by news organizations to make it profitable.

Except for major elections, most of us don't vote, mostly because it doesn't seem to matter. And that's because our choices are limited by a two-party political system that favors personal power over the good of the people. But, what difference does is make? Most of us don't feel the effects because we accept taxation and regulations on everything as the way things are. More importantly, most of us simply don't realize what is happening because our lives are generally uneventful in terms of living in the peace and security of our homes, neighborhoods, our jobs and our surroundings. In other words, there doesn't seem to be that many problems that directly effect us. It's sort of a blind bliss, or ignorance.

Here lies the dilemma. We are essentially uninformed and indoctrinated to believe global warming is more of the threat than terrorism, though most of us have not experienced the effects of either. That is, we haven't accepted the fact that both are costing what could amount to everything we hold dear, including our security, our freedom and our way of life.

Socialism and extreme environmentalism are the enemy within. Our children have been indoctrinated by the education system, which has negatively reconstructed our history, and sacrificed core academics in favor of socialist and environmentalist ideology. Our students have been dumbed-down and left functionally illiterate and ignorant so they will fall into line behind socialist ideology. It doesn't matter that the environmentalist movement has increased the cost of living with over-regulation. Nor does it matter that global warming hysteria has obstructed our energy independence, even in these times of terrorism and energy crisis. The idea is simply to disarm the people with partisan hate and fear.

With the education system well in hand, the next step will be to nationalize everything from healthcare, to energy, the media and the economy. That shouldn't be too difficult when the timing is right, like now. In a dangerous world of social, political and economic stress. The sinister socialist move is not coming from any foreign power. It is home-grown from decades of grievance movements. It is, like former senator Phil Gramm recently said, "A nation of whiners," and a "mental recession."

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder