Answer: We can, with direct democracy

The radical elements of the baby boomer generation and their misguided gurus ought to be ashamed for rejecting their parents (now known as "The Greatest Generation), turning America into a superficial society of social aggression, selfish interests and extremes. In the 1960's they launched the drug culture plague on an unsuspecting nation and created warehouses of violence in every community. They waged war on men and boys, ruined relationships and dismantled families. They took over the education establishment and created factories of ideological indoctrination and ignorance. They turned government into a growth industry of power. They polarized partisan politics, created a society of psycho-babble and victims, fostered legal anarchy, revised history in their image, promoted division in diversity and punished classes of people. They advanced extreme commercialism and instant gratification. They took the taste and style out of entertainment, the quality and meaning out of the arts, the heart out of music, and replaced them with a wasteland of cheap thrills, noise and ugliness. And they turned the dominant news media into a condescending leftist mindset with a sensationalistic propaganda machine driven by social engineers, demagogues and journalistic fraud.

It should be understood that the entire boomer generation of over 70 million people is not bad. To contrary, most boomers are good, decent people who want what most Americans want: to live free and prosper in the greatest society ever known. Indeed, with all our faults, the vast majority of us are grateful to be citizens of the United States, particularly when compared to every other society on Earth. The problem is -- in this dangerous era of terrorism -- the emerging enemy comes from within. Though not large in numbers, they are those who control the education establishment (including the politically oriented schools of journalism and teacher colleges), the news media and most of the information industry, the music and entertainment industry, the legal profession and the courts, corporate America and government -- and they do it with relentless intimidation. Coupled with extreme environmentalists and activist groups of every description, they are bound and determined to control our lives and democracy by whatever means necessary.

Alas, extreme boomers set-out on a mission to change the world and they did. But look what a mess they've made of it. Indeed, all the love, peace and civil rights of the 60's turned into militant radicalism, which turned into the bitching and whining of the "me generation," which became the new establishment of the "to hell with you, we want ours" generation. Sadly, they rejected reason and common sense, they abdicated their responsibilities and they left a legacy rife with the failures of good intentions and a frightening future. Those responsible know who they are and they ought to ashamed. But they don't know how because they rejected the meaning of truth and right and wrong and replaced it with moral relativism. Meanwhile, they're simply too busy spreading shame and telling everyone else how to live and think with all the vindictive hate and discontent they can muster -- leaving America steeped in uncertainty, wondering about an aging boomer generation that could break their children's and grandchildren's fiscal backs, and waiting for the next terrorist attack...

If we are to survive the undermining of America, we will have to do it ourselves with the document that created America: the Constitution of the United States. We must amend the Constitution establishing direct democracy, nonpartisan government and nonpartisan elections with voting networks connected to voter's homes. Elected representatives would be professional government managers instead of professional politicians. The voters would be truthfully informed and be able to communicate with their representatives and each other over the voting networks. And the voters would decide all matters of taxation and public policy. The people know what is best for themselves, individually, and the collective judgment of our fellow citizens know what is best for all of us -- boomers included.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder