CBS' problem: clear bias against Bush

Founder's letter published in the San Diego Union-Tribune
January 14, 2005

There is nothing elusive about bias at CBS. Dan Rather, CBS and the media establishment have maintained a liberal bias for so long that people such as former CBS reporters (now media critics) Bernard Goldberg and Bill O'Reilly, and even CBS News giant Walter Cronkite could not rise above the firmly entrenched denial that Dan Rather and his fellow offenders were intentionally biased in their rush to spread false reports about President Bush's military record just prior to the election.

However, most of the news audience could plainly see that Dan Rather and his associates recklessly leaped across the line of objective journalism into the chasm of liberal bias because of their disdain for George W. Bush and their unwavering desire to oust him from the White House in the 2004 election. Considering the way the scandal has been treated by the news media establishment, along with the establishment's obvious, unrelenting mission to undermine Bush's second term, it is painfully clear that it is now the media's goal to make sure he's replaced by a Democrat, any Democrat, in 2008, at any cost.

When government misinforms the American people it's bad enough. Unfortunately, we've come to expect it. But when the press misinforms us, it's unconscionable, frightening if intentional. We expect the press to protect us against government misconduct and anyone who threatens or takes advantage of us. That's why the press is protected by the First Amendment.