Letter from the Founder published in USA TODAY
February 15, 2005

My letter and a second letter writer's letter were published under a large photograph of Ward Churchill with the following text below the photograph:

"Subject of controversy: University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill addresses one of his classes earlier this month. Churchill, who provoked a furor when he compared World Trade Center victims to Nazi criminal Adolph Exhmann, resigned as department chairman last week. He has said that he will not quit his teaching job."

Coverage of professor's 9/11 essay feeds his ego, terrorism

University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill is getting precisely what he wants: mass media coverage of his outrageous anti-American statements ("9/11 essay feeds furor on campus, beyond," News, Wednesday).

According to USA TODAY's story, Churchill's essay, written in the hours after 9/11, "rationalized the attacks and likened World Trade Center victims to the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann." As I see it, the essay and resulting coverage of it will only feed Churchill's warped ego and encourage more terrorism.

Surely, a large-advance book deal will come of this. However, Churchill must know he is giving our enemies aid and comfort.

He should not continue to be rewarded for his treasonous hate speech and for contaminating young students' minds while on the public payroll.

Daniel B. Jeffs
Apple Valley, Calif.

What of Bush's words?

It would have been more useful if public officials and others had scrutinized the words of President Bush regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq with as much fervor as they're now doing with the words of Professor Ward Churchill.

Had they done so, perhaps our current international and domestic policies would not be in such shambles.

Pam Taranto