Chicken in every pot
By Daniel B. Jeffs, founder DDC
October 28, 2008

It is obvious that both presidential candidates are practicing one of the oldest political ploys of trying to outdo each other by promising more chickens in voters' pots. And it is also obvious that neither of them would be able to fulfill those promises without driving taxpayers and the nation even deeper in debt, which is what caused the economic mess in the first place. Government's relentless socialist meddling in our business.

Instead of perpetuating the incompetence of costly government, at least one of the candidates should promise to save the chickens by reducing the ever-increasing cost of living. Nearly 25 percent of every dollar we spend on nearly everything we buy is (pre-sales tax) embedded taxes, fees and unreasonable environmental regulation costs, which increases the financial squeeze on nearly all Americans.

Coupled with reducing government's greedy hand and increasing personal and corporate responsibility -- along with backing off the over-indulgence -- getting real and reasonable is the common sense thing to do. Hopefully we have lost it, or the ability to hold their feet to the fire. Freedoms we can't afford to lose.