CHATTERING CLASSES - November 30, 2001

Re: John Leo's "Our shattered chatterers" - December 3rd issue
U.S. News & World Report

As usual, John Leo's "Our shattered chatterers" hit the mark with his acute awareness of what's going on in society. Indeed, the power-elite chattering classes of supercilious academia, self-absorbed activists, media pundits, mouthy editorialists and the clueless entertainment industry are sorely inept when it comes to dealing with the "real life crisis" of other people in America.

Obviously, "on-demand experts" and shallow historical revisionists are completely out of their element in the face of the "real deal" of terrorist attacks on our homeland, and fighting the most difficult of wars -- against terrorism -- on American soil, in Afghanistan and throughout the world.

Rather than being offended by patriotism, decisive action, or anything contrary to their warped way of thinking, the elite should just shut up, let common sense take the terrorist bull by the horns, and wrestle it to the ground without getting too badly cut and bruised in the process.

Daniel B. Jeffs, founder
The Direct Democracy Center