A Handbook for Fighting Back

Author: James Carville
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
December 2003

>From the Publisher
In Had Enough? the legendary political adviser comes out of his corner swinging, taking on the Bush White House and the Republican leaders in Congress on every front - from the economy to education to foreign affairs. But he doesn't just attack; he lays out constructive "had enough" solutions for healing the damage done by the Republicans and helping disheartened Democrats get back on their feet. In addition, he offers "Ten Rules for Progressives to Live By" and a new War Room mantra for a new era.

>From The Critics
Publisher's Weekly
For liberals who think Al Franken and Michael Moore show too much restraint, the Ragin' Cajun launches another no-holds-barred assault on the conservative powers-that-be. Carville's shtick remains intact, so the political commentary is saturated with jokes about being married to a Republican, stories about his family down in Louisiana and recipes for barbecue shrimp and bread pudding. But if you thought he was mad before, wait until Carville tears into George W. Bush and his administration. Not content with merely attacking Bush's Iraqi war strategy, Carville denigrates the entire war on terrorism, reminding readers that Senate Democrats proposed tougher homeland security proposals that the president consistently rejected. He also suggests that not only could Gore have handled 9/11 better, it probably wouldn't even have happened. And he's just getting started at that point, gearing up for tough criticism of tax cuts, school vouchers, tort reform and other GOP policies. But finger-pointing isn't enough; Carville provides a "nice little progressive playbook" of counterstrategies to rebuild economically and socially the way he says only Democrats can. It's hard to tell sometimes whether he's putting on his pitbull act: the "fuel or freedom" tax on SUV owners is probably satirical, but a full ban on contributions to incumbent congresspeople is so radical it's got to be serious. As Howard Dean recently proved, Democratic candidates still turn to Carville for talking points, so don't be surprised to see some of these proposals raised on the campaign trail next year.

Library Journal
If you, too, have had enough of failed (Republican) policies, here's what to do.

Table of Contents
Introduction: The Lesson of the Transgender Amendment 1
Pt. 1 "The Common Defense" 25
1 Homeland Security 31
2 Military and Foreign Policy 53
Pt. 2 "The General Welfare" 83
3 Deficits Matter, Debts Matter, and They Matter a Lot 92
4 Tax Cuts: The Big Lie 110
Pt. 3 "Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity" 137
5 Education 141
6 Environment and Energy 167
7 Health Care 185
Pt. 4 "Establish Justice" 203
8 Carville's Campaign Finance Reform Proposal 208
9 Corporate Governance 222
10 The Myth of Tort Reform 235
Pt. 5 "Insure Domestic Tranquility" 251
11 "Those Damn Entitlements" 255
12 A Note on Lying 275
13 A Note on the Religious Right and Politics 279
14 A Note on Friends 281
Pt. 6 "To Form a More Perfect Union" 289
Notes 300